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    • Which may already be part of my past work. You're welcome.
    • New Website UPDATE ALL Cryptos are accepted on the cheapest smm panel prostsmm.com
    • Anyone have a working version of this?
    • For all those who had problems with the bar wanting to have more than lv.80 on their servers. I leave you the solution until lv90. It works on all L2J. Here I will specifically leave for L2JFroozen. *********************************************************************************************************** com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.datatables.xml.ExperienceData.Java ***********************************************************************************************************   package com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.datatables.xml; import java.io.File; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.Map; import java.util.logging.Logger; import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory; import org.w3c.dom.Document; import org.w3c.dom.NamedNodeMap; import org.w3c.dom.Node; import com.l2jfrozen.Config; /**  * Based on mrTJO's implementation.  * @author Zoey76  */ public class ExperienceData {     public final static long LEVEL[] =     {         -1L, // level 0 (unreachable)         0L,         68L,         363L,         1168L,         2884L,         6038L,         11287L,         19423L,         31378L,         48229L, // level 10         71201L,         101676L,         141192L,         191452L,         254327L,         331864L,         426284L,         539995L,         675590L,         835854L, // level 20         1023775L,         1242536L,         1495531L,         1786365L,         2118860L,         2497059L,         2925229L,         3407873L,         3949727L,         4555766L, // level 30         5231213L,         5981539L,         6812472L,         7729999L,         8740372L,         9850111L,         11066012L,         12395149L,         13844879L,         15422851L, // level 40         17137002L,         18995573L,         21007103L,         23180442L,         25524751L,         28049509L,         30764519L,         33679907L,         36806133L,         40153995L, // level 50         45524865L,         51262204L,         57383682L,         63907585L,         70852742L,         80700339L,         91162131L,         102265326L,         114038008L,         126509030L, // level 60         146307211L,         167243291L,         189363788L,         212716741L,         237351413L,         271973532L,         308441375L,         346825235L,         387197529L,         429632402L, // level 70         474205751L,         532692055L,         606319094L,         696376867L,         804219972L,         931275828L,         1151275834L,         1511275834L,         2099275834L,         4200000000L, // level 80         6299994999L, // level 81         10499905559L, // level 82         16800005559L, // level 83         27299995559L, // level 84         44100005559L, // level 85         71400000000L, //level 86         115500000000L, //level 87         186900000000L, //level 88         302400000000L, //level 89         489300000000L, //level 90         791690000000L, //level 91 *********************************************************************************************************** experience.xml *********************************************************************************************************** <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <table maxLevel="90" maxPetLevel="80" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/experience.xsd">     <experience level="1" tolevel="0" />     <experience level="2" tolevel="68" />     <experience level="3" tolevel="363" />     <experience level="4" tolevel="1168" />     <experience level="5" tolevel="2884" />     <experience level="6" tolevel="6038" />     <experience level="7" tolevel="11287" />     <experience level="8" tolevel="19423" />     <experience level="9" tolevel="31378" />     <experience level="10" tolevel="48229" />     <experience level="11" tolevel="71201" />     <experience level="12" tolevel="101676" />     <experience level="13" tolevel="141192" />     <experience level="14" tolevel="191452" />     <experience level="15" tolevel="254327" />     <experience level="16" tolevel="331864" />     <experience level="17" tolevel="426284" />     <experience level="18" tolevel="539995" />     <experience level="19" tolevel="675590" />     <experience level="20" tolevel="835854" />     <experience level="21" tolevel="1023775" />     <experience level="22" tolevel="1242536" />     <experience level="23" tolevel="1495531" />     <experience level="24" tolevel="1786365" />     <experience level="25" tolevel="2118860" />     <experience level="26" tolevel="2497059" />     <experience level="27" tolevel="2925229" />     <experience level="28" tolevel="3407873" />     <experience level="29" tolevel="3949727" />     <experience level="30" tolevel="4555766" />     <experience level="31" tolevel="5231213" />     <experience level="32" tolevel="5981539" />     <experience level="33" tolevel="6812472" />     <experience level="34" tolevel="7729999" />     <experience level="35" tolevel="8740372" />     <experience level="36" tolevel="9850111" />     <experience level="37" tolevel="11066012" />     <experience level="38" tolevel="12395149" />     <experience level="39" tolevel="13844879" />     <experience level="40" tolevel="15422851" />     <experience level="41" tolevel="17137002" />     <experience level="42" tolevel="18995573" />     <experience level="43" tolevel="21007103" />     <experience level="44" tolevel="23180442" />     <experience level="45" tolevel="25524751" />     <experience level="46" tolevel="28049509" />     <experience level="47" tolevel="30764519" />     <experience level="48" tolevel="33679907" />     <experience level="49" tolevel="36806133" />     <experience level="50" tolevel="40153995" />     <experience level="51" tolevel="45524865" />     <experience level="52" tolevel="51262204" />     <experience level="53" tolevel="57383682" />     <experience level="54" tolevel="63907585" />     <experience level="55" tolevel="70852742" />     <experience level="56" tolevel="80700339" />     <experience level="57" tolevel="91162131" />     <experience level="58" tolevel="102265326" />     <experience level="59" tolevel="114038008" />     <experience level="60" tolevel="126509030" />     <experience level="61" tolevel="146307211" />     <experience level="62" tolevel="167243291" />     <experience level="63" tolevel="189363788" />     <experience level="64" tolevel="212716741" />     <experience level="65" tolevel="237351413" />     <experience level="66" tolevel="271973532" />     <experience level="67" tolevel="308441375" />     <experience level="68" tolevel="346825235" />     <experience level="69" tolevel="387197529" />     <experience level="70" tolevel="429632402" />     <experience level="71" tolevel="474205751" />     <experience level="72" tolevel="532692055" />     <experience level="73" tolevel="606319094" />     <experience level="74" tolevel="696376867" />     <experience level="75" tolevel="804219972" />     <experience level="76" tolevel="931275828" />     <experience level="77" tolevel="1151275834" />     <experience level="78" tolevel="1511275834" />     <experience level="79" tolevel="2099275834" />     <experience level="80" tolevel="4200000000" />     <experience level="81" tolevel="6299994999" />     <experience level="82" tolevel="10499905559" />     <experience level="83" tolevel="16800005559" />     <experience level="84" tolevel="27299995559" />     <experience level="85" tolevel="44100005559" />     <experience level="86" tolevel="71400000000" />     <experience level="87" tolevel="115500000000" />     <experience level="88" tolevel="186900000000" />     <experience level="89" tolevel="302400000000" />     <experience level="90" tolevel="489300000000" />     <experience level="91" tolevel="791690000000" /> </table> *********************************************************************************************************** experience.xsd *********************************************************************************************************** <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <schema xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">     <element name="table">         <complexType>             <sequence minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1">                 <element name="experience" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1">                     <complexType>                         <attribute name="level" use="required">                             <simpleType>                                 <restriction base="positiveInteger">                                     <minInclusive value="1" />                                     <maxInclusive value="90" />                                 </restriction>                             </simpleType>                         </attribute>                         <attribute name="tolevel" type="nonNegativeInteger" use="required" />                     </complexType>                 </element>             </sequence>             <attribute name="maxLevel" use="required">                 <simpleType>                     <restriction base="positiveInteger">                         <minInclusive value="1" />                         <maxInclusive value="90" />                     </restriction>                 </simpleType>             </attribute>             <attribute name="maxPetLevel" use="required">                 <simpleType>                     <restriction base="positiveInteger">                         <minInclusive value="1" />                         <maxInclusive value="80" />                     </restriction>                 </simpleType>             </attribute>         </complexType>     </element> </schema>
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