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LOL why it dont work ?


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i registred  my l2 server at hopzone


this is my code for voting



<p><a href="http://l2.hopzone.net/vote.php?site=74231"><img src="http://images.hopzone.net/lineage2/votebanners/lineage2-90x60-3.gif" alt="Vote for HopZone.Net" width="90" height="60" border="0"></a><br><a href="http://l2.hopzone.net"><img src="http://images.hopzone.net/base/HopZone.gif" alt="HopZone.Net - Free Lineage2 Servers" border="0"></a></p>




but it dont work how i can make it so that ppl only click on it and it will take them to vote with this img plz


im trying it at my forum... :(

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You have to copy the URL link in ur website

lol i have done it but dont work u can say me ecactly how ?


i have copy it in my topic and it dont show nothing only this what u see in my message ::(

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sorry for dualpost but



it,s possible do it on forum site ? in topick and in message ?


becuase my server website is on www.l2ring.tk it,s not website it,s forum



and when it,s allow how :D plz i need it becuase hopezone will not apply my server becuase there wiritng when i dont have this URL at my site it will be not applied so it,s bad for  me :(

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