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Meiwse ta critical p skane gt ws gnwston sto interlude skane polla..se low rate eidika einai asta na pane.Sto altsettings.prop


# Alternative success rate formulas for skills like dagger/critical skills,

# 'true' to use this formula , 'false' to use the original based on rCrit (c3 like)

AltGameDaggerFormula = true bale true edw kai meta apo katw balta opws pisteueis


# Alternative success rate for skills like dagger/critical skills

# MUST be setted above to AltGameDaggerFormula = true

# Rate of success is based on the position of the char,to this is added/subed some percent

# if the char is behind or is in Front of the target.

# FailRate is the chance of a skill critical attack to fail. max value 100 (100% fail)

# Successrate is the chance of a skill critical attack. max value 100 (100% critical)

# Do some tests before changing the values.

AltSuccessRate= 0

AltFailRate= 30

AltSuccessRateBehind = 15

AltSuccessRateFront = 10

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