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Show Streamers via API twitch, youtube, trovo

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Detailed display of streamers via API from Twitch, Youtube, Trovo

You specify the name of the streamers you want to display on your site
Youtube channel name - $channelNames = ['MusicLabChill', 'GROHOLSKIY', 'MusicLabAmbient', 'timsmert'];
Twitch user name - $streamerTwitch = ['kussia88', 'just_ns', 'waveafterwave2ndlife', 'bohpts', 'fisher', 'stray228', 'rostislav_999', 'dyrachyo'];


- Shows whether the player is streaming or not
- Shows the streamer's name, avatar and how many viewers are watching
- Displays the icon from which platform they are streaming and the status of the stream


Also you can use
- Display the title and description of the stream on your site
- Displaying the date, time of the stream

All configs are displayed for easy use
- Fast asynchronous script loading via Ajax
- Caching received data in json format (cache lifetime is set in the config)

I can add any of your Stream sites if you wish.


Price: 25$


Telegram: Arvin
E-mail: kenrix@mail.ru

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10 minutes ago, Litch said:

Is it possible to add if you have the server name in the title it appears?

yes, I can write filtering name search and output by server name if there is a match in the stream title

it will cost 35$

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