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[WTS] L2 Light Account


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I am selling the account for 100 USD



+20 Apella Light Set

+20 Apella Heavy Set

+20 Dual Icarus

+20 Raid Boss Set

+20 Dynasty Duals

Some other Cool Items


Add me in MSN:


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I will tell you 3 things about this server.


1.Kraig = Epic Fail

2.Corruption??? =100%full character name deception = admin me = tatto at siege +65k

3.Hack??=i hack this server with my friends many time's ,Reinna ,Premeditor.


wanna more prov??? look this.



width=574 height=480http://img123.imageshack.us/img123/2766/shot00055gf8.jpg[/img]


wanna more??? ok... :D






I don't wanna prove something but this server is totally failed.






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1st of all your way off topic...

I am trying to sell my account and your telling players how bad the server is...

I mean i guess its some what valid because its about the server, but I am selling a perfectly legit account I never hacked, I hope someone purchases it. Thanks

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  • 6 months later...

lol that pictures where when the server went down cause all left and no one was doing anything to keep it clean of hacks.So if u look back just 1-2 years u would see a nice server..by the way in 2 Days it opens So u can try playing again  (All wiped).;)

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