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WTS Chars Asterios.tm x7

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I have for sell several chars on that server:

Titan 85/80/75/75 Elegia light set, retributer 300,stormer 300, paid cloak,nobless,hats, jewels oly and vesper

Arcana Lord 85/75/75/75 Vorpal light set, dynasty dagger mw 300 great gale,focus, hats,paid cloak, trutle ascetic, jewels oly/vesper

Spectral master 85/75/75/75 dynasty dagger +4, 300, focus, jewels vesper, vesper robe set

Fortune seeker 85/75/75/75 icarus trident sa 300, moirai heavy set, vesper jewels

Dreadnought 85/75/75/75 no items

Shillen Saint 84 moirai robe set

Sword muse 83 moirai heavy set

Hierophant 84 with CC

Spectral Dancer 84 moirai light set, kesh +4

Doomcryer 83 great fury, moirai robe set, imperial staff +150

Judicator 79

Craft 85 with sub SK 84 with sos, dynasty heavy armor, icarus hammer, many materials, 3 moirai heavy rare parts, 2 vesper robe rare parts.

If you are intrested pm here or skype: Xan One.

Prepaid paypal only. 

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