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WTS Lineage 2 Essence Blue 4game Elemental Master 82

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Tallum L armor +4
Dc bots +4
Tallum helmet +4
Gloves of Silence+4
Manticore set +8
Manticore set+6
Full Plate set +6 gloves+7
BW H set+4
BW L set+4
Dragon Belt+5
Einhasad's Pendant  lvl2

-dex+1 wit+1 men+2     +2
-str+1 int+1
-men+1 con+1

Phoenix ring x2 +4
Phoenix nec+4
Mj earring+4
DV earring
toi ring+2

Broch lvl 3: amber 3, onyx 3, spinel 2, zircon 2, coral 2, moonstone lvl 2, opal lvl 2   +  some stone lvl 1 and 2 in wh

Talisman Bracalet lvl4:  aden+6, speed+5, venirs +4, eva+3, authority+3

Agation Bracalet lvl 4: ignis+6, nebula+5, petram+5, procella+5

Top B 1h +13 m.crit 9%
Top C rapier +10
Top C staf+7
Top B staf 2h +5
Top B rapier +8

Mj+3 +800 CP, 
C grade+400 mp

wind 4lvl, fire 3lvl, water erth 2 lvl







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