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LSD Clan Recruiting

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Hello all,

LSD clan is back and will play on the new L2Tales server! :x

We are a group of l2 Gamers that nowadays play casually and just for fun. :dwarf_f_2:
Our goal is to gather people who play casually, and provide a friendly atmosphere !

There is place for competitive players, in fact some of us are extremely ambitious. Competitive players and CPs are welcome as long as their first principle is to respect everyone and be ready to join a in battlefield

We started this clan off like a casual solo player clan without rules, but the huge competition around  has forced us to create rules and criteria.


1. Team speak 3 is mandatory .  [Contact me for more information]

2. Fully functional CPs get priority over everything. We still accept solo players but if you are willing to join a cp you have more chances.

3. Attendance at clan events and having a social profile in clan is a must. Players that never talk, help or participate in anything are not accepted. 

4. As players are free to come and go, we reserve the right to dismiss players if they move down the priority list (solos, low level, not active enough,not helpful, not a TEAM MATE!).

My main concern is to keep the clan atmosphere positive and friendly,We don't keep grudges. Just don't be an a** :d.elf_f_8:.

CP formation will be available only for very active and skilled players, who are capable of coordinating and cooperating.


Recruiting Active Competitive CP'S - PARTIES - PACKS who can join and help our community become stronger!

And be a part of LSD Clan.

Contact me at forum:

Opening Beta 23 Feb

Grand Opening 28 Feb


Thank you,


LSD Clan ®








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