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Accounts L2classic NA (Giran) SE/SPS/WS/WC or pack!!

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Good evening guys NEW OFFERS!!!

I'm going to sell the characters that I have because I leave the game to focus exclusively on studying a course that came to me.
In principle I only accept PayPal payment method preferably with friend mode. To contact me with any questions send me a pm here or an email to: aykanaro1983@gmail.com
Next I will show a list of the characters that I sell and a brief description of their inventory, along with the link to the images so you can see everything clearly (I hope the links are not broken). I can also sell the characters without objects

  • PP 52 (with haste+ death whisper) -----60€  SOLD
    • 114 Fruit event
    • 67 scroll regular XP/SP boost and 6 scroll Mid-grade XP/SP boost
    • 1 XP/SP Rune-50% (7 days)
    • Set moon, 4 pendant event lvl 1+0 (Water, wind, fire, earth), jewerly d and C and cursed maingauche


  • SE 52 (with stigma of shillen but without death whisper)----40€ 
    • 127 Fruit event
    • 73 scroll regular XP/SP boost and 6 scroll Mid-grade XP/SP boost
    • 2 XP/SP Rune-50% (7 days)
    • Set moon, 3 pendant event lvl 1+0, jewerly d and C and novice weapon


  • SPS 53  (cancel, clear mind, spellbook: aura flash)------45€ 
    • 117 fruit event
    • 67 scroll regular XP/SP and 5 scroll Mid-grade XP/SP boost
    • 1 XP/SP rune-50% (7 days)
    • Dyes: +4 int +4 Wit +4 Con/ -10Men -5 Str
    • Set Karmian, +5 Water dragon´s pendant lvl 1, jewerly top C enchanted, shield eldarake and Homunkulus sword +3


  • warsmith 47 ------40€ 
    • 27 fruit event
    • 30 scrolls regular XP/SP boost
    • 1 XP/SP rune-50% (7 days)
    • Set FP (Armor+helmet+shield), +4 Water dragon´s pendant lvl 1, jewerly top c and earring elven enchanted and club of nature+3
    • see attached photo of recipes (craft lvl 5)


  • warlock 41------20€ 
    • 14 special fruit event
    • Set moon light, dragke leather armor, 2 rings c and the rest novice



This is all guys, I think the prices are fair, since I have dedicated hours to leveling, buy equipment, craftear weapons, search spellbooks, perform the tedious change quest class. Thanks and I hope you are interested. I'll be editing the post to update information.

A greeting.




Edited by Aykanaro
New offers!!
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    • chathandlers/chatAll.java   Replace:         final CreatureSay cs = new CreatureSay(activeChar.getObjectId(), type, activeChar.getName(), text); With:        final CreatureSay cs = new CreatureSay(activeChar.getObjectId(), type, activeChar.isGM() ? "[ADMIN]:" + activeChar.getName() : activeChar.getName(), text);    
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    • Our Alpha/Beta servers have been online for almost a full month with a selected few invited to play, however plebs like yourself don't have immediate access to the files to avoid people potentially decrypting and sharing them instead of actually playing on the server. You could of played the BETA by signing up / registering an account 😂 What's worse is, if you'd have bothered to actually make an account before shitposting, you'd actually see our server status in the corner indicating the server is online. Moonlight (LowRate) has also included custom quests, which are designed to take your character from level 1-40 (or higher if more testers seem to like the flow of it), progression is different than your typical L2 private server and rates don't exactly apply in the same way. Sunlight (HighRate) is an Instant 80 PVP and Events server, using only custom maps. There will be 1 "Main Town" for players to talk and prepare for the next round of PVP/Events -- with several custom maps to keep things interesting.
    • Sad news... Today our PayPal got disabled, so we can not accept it anymore, please use Crypto for now. At the moment, we do not think it will come back because we lost money. - VanitySMM.com Team
    • If your BETA is online you JUST turned it on. If BETA is online you would invite people to come play.. not signup. Only a retard advertises and invites people to sign up for an offline BETA server without rates.. Your server looks good. But right now, it is only a dream with a website.
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