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High Five Chronicle with BOT Allowed - Free BOT SERVER High Five


Are you an Old Player? Here is the Right Place for you!


After to many years of playing L2 finally we grow up and many of us make family, kids, to many hours of work.. etc..


We chose to make a Private Server for us with Free Bot! so we can go afk and make other thinks to our life.


Personally I work more than 10 hours every day and it is very hard to play, but I chose to open that server for everyone who don’t have much time and want to relax with a game he love and grow with it.


The server cost to me 32 Euro every month so it is nothing for me to pay it and stay up as long it take.


So no Wipes!


All the GM Team it is Trustful Friends of my Real Life, they are Old Players and Very Legal with good Knowledge to help Every One.


And Now Some Changes/Informations you must know before you Join:


- First at All, Do NOT Sell Anything in NPC Shop, if do they will buy it for 1 Adena!
(Guys do not ask to change this, it is Free Bot Server and Everyone can make easy money in Game, we chose that so Adena have a point in free Bot Server)!


Make a New Account, Create 1 LvL Char and put your drops shop in Giran.


With 1 Account you can Create 7 Shops and Add them Same Time! So you have not to worry you that you will use many many accounts for shops like other Servers do!


- AQ cannot Die with 1 Group (Need at Least 3 Groups)


- Catacombs and Necropolis Mobs change the Spawn time so no worry about spawn time delay any more like other servers!


- Stakato Nest Spawn time Changes so have fast spawn time too.


- Woa Spawn time changes and we spawn some more mobs that missing.


--== Fixed All the Follow Raids: ==--


- Antharas (Retail Stats), Valakas (Retail Stats), 7 RB’s can be Died with A Grade Group, Freya (Retail Stats), Freya Hard (Retail Stats), Frientezza (Retail Stats).


- Another one Fix was the Raid boss Weapons Drop like Bucher Blades, Delusion Swords etc, to 30% Drop Rate!
So it is time to wear a Weapon you never get from any low rate Server!


- Enchant Rates has been fixed rate to 40% the Normal Scroll and Bless Scroll to 60%!!!!


- Attribute Stones have 80% the Success rate and Crystals 60%! No More Wasting of Time to add Attribute to your Weapon and your Armor!


And Finally…..
Here is The Rates we chose for you:

XP: x4 | SP: x4 (Real x4 with Official Stats)
Adenas drop rate: x3
Drop Items: x3 | Spoil: x3
Drop SealStones rate: x1
Drop Manor rate: x1
Drop Quest rate: x2 | Reward rates: x1
Raid Boss Drop: x1
Raid Boss Adenas Drop: x1
Grand Boss Drop: x1
Grand Boss Adenas Drop: x1

Community NPC Buffer with Retail Fixed
Scheme Buffs
PET Buffer for all classes
Buffs time: 1 Hour | Summons buffs – 1 Hour
Community Board Global Gatekeeper (That works outside of Town Too!)
Community GM SHOP till weapon / armor / jewel A grade.
Mana potions: 1000MP/30s.
Spawn Protection: 20 Seconds.
Max Clients for one PC: Unlimited
Maximum inventory slots: 150
Maximum inventory slots for Dwarf: 200
Weight Limit: x5 (Premium Acc: x10)

Custom drop list:
- All Mobs are Drop Event Medal and Glittering Medal after 61 LvL
Can be Exchanged for Premium Account, and Many Other Items
PC Bang Points are Working Too After 61 LvL!
1. Baium and TOI 13/14 is PVP zone.
2. Queen Ant PVP zone.
3. Freya no need Quest to Enter and must be 9 Chars without CC.
4. Frintezza Instance need only Ally Leader the Quest Item (Sold from GM Shop)
5. Sieges are Every Week
6. Heroes are 2 Times Every Month with 6 Players Limit to Start!

Server has Opened now 1 Week Exactly without any Downtime, Have Vote Reward so you can make some easy money in game for start, Have Shops in Giran, and Already have Clans to Join or Fight with them.


Website: www.gameforest.eu


FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/lineage.highfive.5/


General Contact: info@gameforest.eu


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