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WTS Ebay Watchers & Views - Only Service Around!

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Hello, my name is Joel and I am here to help you rank your Ebay Listings. This can help you dominate high-traffic keywords and increase sales.
Packages Available
- 1000 Views [$1.49] :fire: 
- 2500 Views [$2.49]
- 5000 Views [$3.99]
- 7500 Views [$4.99]
- 10,000 Views [$7.99]
- 10,000+ Contact me for custom packages.
- 10 Watchers [$7.99]
- 20 Watchers [$11.99] :fire:
- 25 Watchers [$13.99]
- 50 Watchers [$19.99]
- 50+ Contact me for custom packages.
Payment Methods Accepted
- PayPal
- 07 Gold
- CSGO Keys
If you need to get in touch with me, I check forum messages pretty slowly. Although I am nearly always active on Discord. Add me here: "ᴊoel#0001". (Copy and Paste because of weird character) or Skype: "live:elijah_726".
Questions & Answers
Q1) Can I split up my order across several listings?
A1) Yep, just let me know which and how many to send to each.
Q2) What is "Social Proof"?
A2) Social proof is used to make a brand seem more reputable. This can help increase your conversion rate and bring in sales.
Q3) How many rankings will I get from using this service? 
A3) This is dependent on many factors. How many Views/Watchers you order and how competitive the product currently is.
Terms Of Service
- Although I have had 0 Bans on any of my customers' accounts or personal you accept that this is against Ebays ToS and could result in account termination or suspension.
- Ebay has many factors in ranking a listing and Views & Watchers are one of many. You aren't guaranteed position one or even front page on every product you bot.
- You will only send PayPal payments as Friends & Family and won't charge back.
- You will not resell my service without my permission. (If you want to re-sell. Contact me and we will discuss, better pricing and cuts for you.)
(If needed, I can show this profile) 

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