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H5 Interface stuffs (Classic Radar, more than 10 bars, move chat channel...)


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Hello, I'm looking for a few things to improve my interface (High Five version) :


First, is it possible to have more than 10  bars (actually 12 with the 2 Gracia bars) ?

I'm not talking about the number of visible bars but the number of total bars. For example, in the last chronicles there is 20 bars.

This way, it will be possible to use comand like "/useshortcut 16 7" in macros.


Second, is there a way to move a chat channel to another position ?

I want to move the ally chat somewhere else and keep all the other chats like they already are but playing with the allyChat child did nothing good :D.


Also, I'm looking for the classic radarMapWnd, I've seen it in some High Five patch but I couldn't export it.

Any interface with that radarMapWnd not encrypted around here ? Or any tips to get it ?


I've heard of a patch where we would see the HP above the target (I think it replaces the title). Is it available somewhere ?


Finally have you heard of a patch where the skills icons above the head works fine ? (Especially Shield Deflect Magic and Enlightment that often stays forever)

I'm not even sure the problem is coming from LineageEffectsTextures.utx or Skillgrp.dat



And any other could stuff you may have and willing to share :).



I'm aware of the work people have done to achieve all of this, but sorry, I'm not willing to pay for it, so I'm only looking for kind free shares in order to work on my own new interface.



Have a great day/evening/night.





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I wish you the best to find what you are looking for:


But mostly the good stuff you are asking, I doubt you will get it for free. Mostly of the people here can do it for you, but for sure they will ask some $$$$.


I know some good people share good things but they will send you a pm, so no waste you time searching arround looking stuff for "free".


good luck

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