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Uraken    2

I dont know about other ru projects, but what you get with Lucera is the best offer there is on the market.

They dont sell the source, but for the price of 120$ you get the whole pack with events and achievement system(which is in baby stage), support is 20$ per month and you can order custom stuff, which will be done in some time, depending on the complexity.

Configs exist in English version as well.

Bottom line is that the pack is trusted and stable, close as retail as you can get when it comes to java platform.


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SweeTs    32
16 hours ago, Uraken said:

close as retail as you can get when it comes to java platform.

Highly doubt on that part. 

Still, for someone with experience, knowledge,  source is a must have. While wannabes people won't pay 'that much'. 

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Uraken    2
2 hours ago, SweeTs said:

Highly doubt on that part. 

Still, for someone with experience, knowledge,  source is a must have. While wannabes people won't pay 'that much'. 

You can have your doubts and I am not here to convince you, I am just writing about what experience i had with lucera and other platforms, and the difference is just tremendous.

About the source, it depends what your goals are, if you want to do a lot of custom stuff, like Eola for example then yes, a source is a must have, but if you want very little to no custom with couple of events, then Lucera is the way.

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Vinter    1

They can have 100% retail like project but if I don't have the source, I'm not buying it because I don't wanna wait 1 month for some random russian to hotfix something I can do in 5 minutes.

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    •   Hello, i want to ask, i have web host on , and i have issue, i install online script and gameserver online, offline. none works script, what to do i tested on vps host works fine, on free webhost also works fine, please help i try fixs this issue 2days already.. :/
    • i want it to check the drop  and stats from monsters ... what can i do make it to work only at l2monsters ?
    • Before all this / after gm check, under else if it's for player, but I guess it's not the place you are looking for. Most likely you want to make a shift click to check monster stats, drop. If so, then it's wrong place. 
    • on PTS servers you cant see it 
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