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How to anchor windows on screen ?


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I want to anchor many windows on my screen so that I never move them by mistake during pvp.

( My own status window, Party window, Buffs window, Skill bars window, Target window... )

The only way I can re-position them would be by changing their x; y coordinates.

I know it is possible, someone said it in his video, in the comments:


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I found "Anchored" in xdat Editor.

So I thought it was the setting I was looking for, I checked the box (see screenshot below), saved and I ran the game to see the changes.


Once in game, I tried moving around the buff window and what happened was:

I was holding the mouse button to move the buff window around.

I could move it, which was unexpected but also, the whole HUD was moving in same time (chat box, radar, hp window, skill bars...).

Please help me understand...



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or even better... since you are using h5 with almost complete scheme, why dont you just set draggable property to false ;x

and then you either make it acquire the position via WindowsInfo.ini or anchoring in xdat - thats up to you

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I appreciate your help really, yes I  didnt see the setting "draggable" earlier, I did not have the idea to check that Window tab.

But even if I do like you say, the window is still draggable.

Is there something else to do to take effect ? 

See screenshot below:


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