Looking For A Person That Is Well Versed In Hotkeynet, Autohotkey Dual-Boxing

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Hello, it's been over two days i've been trying to write a script to succeed in succesfully multiboxing Lineage2 Interlude, so far i've been able to change each L2 windows names, and make keys work that are used for combinations etc. (for example: Enter, TAB, shift...), my question is, how can i broadcast other keys like F, numbers, letters to my other L2 screens, the script i wrote seem to have no problems as TAB, Enter, Shift works, letters numbers and f keys tho give no respond, anybody that is well versed in dual-boxing lineage2 please write to me personally in skype: avlk10, or post back here, i would really appreciate the consultating and help, as there is virtually almost no information on the google regarding L2 dual-boxing.

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