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interlude Arcane Lord Class C6 Olys

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Hi everyone.


I play again interlude and now i will take Arcane Lord for play some match in olympiads combats.

So if u know and want give me informations about this class I will be grateful.


I want only guide or info for olympiads only.

Remember, interlude servers Java or OFF. 









Thanks guys, regards


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Armors--> Tallum Robe (Use vs Mana Burners :D ) Major Arcana Robe (Use vs Gladis,GK,Titans) Dc Robe for everyone else.

Weapons--> Am Acumen With Nuke Augments

Skills--> Augment Act/Pass: M.barr or Shield, and many Nukes at many Ams,and Celestial Shield (May Save you at difficult times :P )




-Do not forget to buff your pet,with the staffs also,and do not forget to enable beast soulshots.

-Use Mage/Warrior Bane at first.

-Send pet to do the dirty job,use it's skills and attack and just stay on a range that you can heal it,no longer no shorter.Heal it when when it's hp goes down,or use it's UD if it's ready to die.Also,heal yourself if enemy go hit direct at you.You'll need quickly switch targets(you and your pet) and heal properly pet and you.

-While your pet hits,you can use your augments nuke skills to hit/kill faster.

-Be carefull how much and when you heal your pet,and about the time you use your Nukes,and when to enable/disable skill "transfer pain" so you can save your MP.Your Mp numbers can be crusial for many of your matches,use mp carefully.

-Be lucky, cause classes like Eva's or Hierophants can beat you easily if your enemy is skilled.


Thats a short explanation,but i was bored going detailed explanation,wish this could help you :P

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