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[Hot] Selling Characters L2Dawn

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                          >SnowyDen< [GOLD FARMERS]                           
                            Grinding for you since 2004                        
                                    24/7 delivery    

                                            About Us                                  
  We specialize in Power Leveling, Botting, Gold and Item Trading,           
  membership trade.                                                          
   We work on biggest private servers and some globals and wherever          
   the place is good.                                                        
   At the moment we provide services with stock here:                        
   WOW [sS Horde], [OUTLANDS ALLIANCE], [WOW-MANIA], [ANETHERON]             
   LINEAGE 2 [iNTERNATIONAL], [KR], [L2DAWN]                                 
   PoE - Exalted, Chaos trade                                                
   EVE - PLEX, Credits                                                       
   Tera Online [iNTERNATIONAL], [NOSTALE], [DARK TERA]                       
   LoL [elo boost]

   Server : L2Dawn.com                      Rate : 5                         
   Chronicle: Interlude
    Bots: 43                      Contact Method:                       
    Service Region: NA           Skype(o1650208@mvrht.com)                  
    Payment Method: PayPal                                                   
    Currency: EUR                                                            
    Delivery : 24/7                                                         
                      Selling Adena, Characters, Items on L2Dawn.com             
  We are proud to bring you and sell characters, adena and items on L2Dawn   
  WE SELL:                                                                   
  [*] Lv 61-78 characters- [LV 61 => 40 EUR][LV 80 => 70 EUR]                
   subbed, with(out) gear(contact us via Skype for more                      
   information and customized deals)                                         
  [*] Adena (12 KKK (12 Billion)) - 100kk/ 4 EUR                             
  [*] Items: S Crystals (6000), A Crystals (~6300),  B sets & weapons        
       A sets & weapons (+4;+6;+10), S sets & weapons (+4+8 ), juvelery S (+8 )
     Various Epics (contact on Skype for information)                      
  [*] Custom deals, bonuses and free gifts available on big purchase         
                   SKYPE:     o1650208@mvrht.com                      
                   privacy and success guaranteed                       

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