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Blue Chain Heal : End Of Animation Missing


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I have a blue chain heal animation, but the last part of the animation is missing.


Meaning I see blue chains going to the targets, but the columns around the targets doesn't appear.



What file should I edit (my guess is LineageEffectsTextures.utx) and how (with what software and how) can I edit the file to have the proper ending animation ?


Edit : Actually, I have no animation, because the texture isnt edited, my skillgrp.dat binds the chain heal skill to the Chain LIghtning animation. So that's normal... That's not a proper way to have a real blue chain heal though.
The question then becomes, how to import a full blue chain heal animation into the utx file ?

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*just a wild guess as im not using h5 client*

The recolor you are talking about isnt related to texture itself but a sprite emitter. If it was interlude then lineageeffect.u would be the right place to change it (file name might be different for h5 client).

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