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How To Rotate Npc

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Well, this is a short guide that aims to teach how to modify the angle of rotation of an NPC. Open the file npcpos.txt, find the NPC that you want to change the angle of rotation and do what is shown bellow to continue



territory_begin [Ariel] {{82859;148465;-3484;-3164};{83059;148465;-3484;-3164};{83059;148665;-3484;-3164};{82859;148665;-3484;-3164}} territory_end
npcmaker_begin [Ariel] initial_spawn=all maximum_npc=1
npc_begin [Ariel] pos={83060;148842;-3464;32768} total=1 respawn=1min npc_end


Note: replace the Red number below to your NPC will be in position.



Note: The number 32768 corresponds to the West in the figure shows this case of the NPC will seek West, to change to the South, would be the number 16384, as indicated in the image.


CREDITS: dadiarena

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