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[Help] On Macro/bot


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Hey all! I'm new to this and after hours of searching, changing scripts etc. I've given up and I'm asking for your help.
So what I'm trying to do is this.
At a specific pixel location I need to send a key when the color changes. If the color doesn't change, then, ahk does nothing (but remains active in case the color changes).

Closest script I've made so far (using autohotkey) is this one,

PixelSearch, Px, Py, 121, 121, 915, 915, 231615, 3, Fast
if ErrorLevel = 0
    SendInput {D}

But it seems that this script all it does is just press the key (d in that case) again n again no matter the color is there or not..

So in details what i want is this.
When this flask is green like this, should hit D.


when it's like this, it should do nothing but wait for it to be green again and loop the prev step.

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