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###Well i got many questions about dyes so here is a guide (all credits to www.pmfun.com)###



Dyes and Symbols


Certain items in Lineage II can change the basic ability values (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, MEN) of your character.




Increases amount of physical damage.


Increases attack speed, physical skill speed, accuracy, evasion, critical hit probability, success rate of dagger skills (such as Deadly Blow), shield defense success rate, and movement speed.


Increases maximum HP and CP, HP recovery speed, weight limit, underwater breath gauge, shock resistance, and bleeding resistance.


Increases damage of magic attacks and success rate of curse spells.


Increases chance of magic critical hits, casting speed, resistance to Hold, resistance to curses (such as HP degeneration, decreased HP recovery rate, increased skill re-use time, and decreased effect of heals).


Increases magic defense, maximum MP, MP recovery speed, poison resistance, and curse resistance. Decreases probability of magic interruption.

To change these ability values, a symbol can be created through the Symbol Maker.



Dyes are items that serve as ingredients for carving symbols (also referred to as tattoos). The dyes have + or - values for the basic ability values. There are ordinary dyes and high-quality dyes. Ordinary dyes can be used as ingredients for carving symbols after the first class transfer, but not after completing the second. Greater Dyes can be used only by players who have completed the second class transfer.


Symbol Engraving

Characters of level 20 or above have slots where they can use dyes in the inventory window to engrave symbols. Characters that haven't yet completed their first class transfer cannot use symbols. After completing the first class transfer, they can carve two symbols. After the second class transfer, they can carve one more symbol, for a total of three. Also, the symbols that were affixed before the second class transfer lose their effect when the character completes the second class transfer.

If players have enough quantity of dyes and want to engrave a symbol, they must speak to a Symbol Maker NPC. Symbol Makers charge a fixed fee to carve the symbol for the player. Carving a symbol consumes the dye used as an ingredient.

The amount that can be increased from symbols for a single basic ability value cannot be more than +5. For example, if two symbols cause STR to increase by +3 and +4 respectively, the total increase of STR cannot exceed +5. There is no limit to the reduction in values, but it is not possible to reduce an ability value all the way to zero.

Some limitations apply to certain symbol types, as shown in the table below.


Symbol Combination can Be Used By


All classes


Human Wizard, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Warlock, Elven Wizard, Spellsinger, Elemental Summoner, Dark Wizard, Spellhowler, Phantom Summoner


Human Wizard, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Warlock, Elven Wizard, Spellsinger, Elemental Summoner, Dark Wizard, Spellhowler, Phantom Summoner, Warrior, Human Knight, Paladin, Rogue, Gladiator, Warlord, Dark Avenger, Treasure Hunter, Hawkeye, Elven Knight, Temple Knight, Swordsinger, Plainswalker, Silver Ranger, Palus Knight, Assassin, Shillien Knight, Bladedancer, Abyss Walker, Phantom Ranger, Orc Raider, Orc Monk, Destroyer, Tyrant, Scavenger, Artisan, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith


Human Wizard, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Warlock, Elven Wizard, Spellsinger, Elemental Summoner, Dark Wizard, Spellhowler, Phantom Summoner, Cleric, Bishop, Prophet, Elven Oracle, Elven Elder, Shillien Oracle, Shillien Elder, Orc Shaman, Overlord, Warcryer


Symbol Removal


To remove a symbol, the player must speak to the Symbol Maker. Removal of a symbol costs a certain fee, and once removed, half of the dye used for carving the respective symbol is returned to the inventory.



ALL Credits to www.pmfun.com


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