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WTS League Of Legends Elo Boost Service | Soloq & Duoq | ✔ Fast,reliable

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Why Choose Us ?

Hello our lovely customer,Gainelo it brought together a team of Master/Challenger players that seeks to ensure the fastest & highest quality elo boost service.
Our mission to provide premium service,our boosters are friendly and help you with tips.
Priority for us that customers would be satisfied with our elo boost service and recommend it to others.
We have 40 0 0 feedback,it means all our customers was satisfied,we meet their highest expectations.
We boost in EUW,EUNE,TR,RU and NA servers.



ELO Boost

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Whats The Point Of Elo Boost ?

Incredible learning experience for you.
You will adapt and will get plenty room to improve,you will see what you did bad in lower elo.
If you want the victorious skins/wards that Riot won't sell or ever have available again also season end borders.
If you do not have much time to play and want fast results,or you play with your friends and you want to save time.
If many toxic players in your elo and you want get rid of them.
If you want brag and feel superior to your girlfriend/friends.




best booster by far, high quality fast and loyal, 100% truly recommended


Gently service, fully satisfied and trusted i purchase 20 games duo q on plat division and we won 17 of them with 86% win rate ,and also 2 divisions on flex ranked and won all of them except of one game in silver-gold elo. i fully recommend Gainelo.com as one of the best boosting service on internet . Also i'm impressed of the patience and help to make me proof on my games and learn from my mistakes with the best mechanic tips that needed to proceed .
Thank you for your service best !!


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Eloboost terms:
- The person that is leveling your account is located in (countries):Varies depending on Region.
- They are using a VPN/Proxy to Boost? (Varies)
- The customer can log into the account in between boosting sessions? (No)
To avoid suspension / ban for quick IP swapping from account sharing, you should not be logging in.
- If the account gets banned or rewards are removed during Boosting or right after (within 2 days), we will compensate you (No).
Any service purchased is against the respective TOS of the game the service is for.
While we have not had a problem,we would be unable to compensate for completed service or account loss.
Upon purchase you automatically read and agree with our eloboost terms.


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Prices  :not bad:

Thanks,customers are our priority we hire only Hight Master/Challenger boosters thats why prices are on hight side :]

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    • Hello, I'm looking for server which focus on developing Olympiad as a main entertainment while events / PvP spots etc are for getting better at it. Don't get me wrong, typical PvP servers aren't like this, because you have to choose either to balance PvP or Olympiad.   One time there was like I don't know maybe 10 years ago or more server called War of Races. Of course at that time it had many bugs but Olympiad was playful and very funny because it wasn't sure if you lose as a Dagger vs Glad as example. There was like that class beats that and that beats that but if you are skilled and you have good equipment you still have chance to kill class which normally would beat you.   I used to develop L2j server as a hobby to be similar like WoR but better by writing my own code (I used to earn for living as a Java developer) but usually was getting bored after some time and never finished any (overwhelmed by other things which should have been done to start a server - I just wanted to write code :D). I was starting and stopping projects few times, but every time from clean aCis package, because I had every time new idea. Even now I have my own mods for acis 372 revision made few months ago, but again I gave up. There is written like 30-40% features which I wanted (and there are many of them). This time a main goal was to make interlude server which is like IDLE games :). You quickly farm, exp and get items but you are MORTAL (you can add additional lives so you wouldn't have to create new char every death - death is defined so not every die means death) and when you die for ever (which means you have to create new char) you are getting progress in your SOUL - bonuses like increased enchant rate, increased BoG drop rate, increased skill enchantment rate, increased adena rate, increased HP/CP/MP, decreased skill CD, increased epic jewelry drop and many many more are assigned to account so each character have benefits from it. I added some extra features like blessed BoG (if skill enchantment fails it doesn't break), wyvern from item, random box giving items with chance, merchant for selling items++ or buying them (if someone sold) with tax etc. So to start a server I would finish these which are in progress and cut the others. I would include them later.   I guess there isn't server like this but maybe someone know something similar? I want to play for like few days to 1 week for fun and still be able to kill someone who played for long time - that's the goal for this server - for people like me who want to play for fun for few days and come back after few weeks. Even if server is staying for long time I want to have similar chance as others. The only difference would be that if someone is playing longer he can get full stuff in like 1-5 days after death and guy who just joined can do this in like 1 to 2 weeks and need to pay more attention for not being killed.   Are there any people interested in such an idea? Please vote so I can know if it is worth to waste time for developing such server (or maybe it is better to cut description and put it in other topic in other section with link for this topic?).   So who exactly I'm looking for? Well, lets turn roles - I'm not looking for someone. I don't mind if there won't be a person or people who might be looking for me. I'm here if you are looking for a developer (for aCis) or to be more precise a mate with who you want to open a server. However there are some rules which I want to obey.   1. The only thing I do is coding server mods and playing. Yes - playing. In order to have a good balanced server we need time and experience to do that. Of course I will balance it at the beginning as much as I can, but you can't have a really good balance unless you play and experience your mistakes by your own. I will play as a ordinary player. If you want to make a good community you have to be part of it rather than being above them. I know people always complain about hidden GMs who are playing on their own servers. So lets don't make it hidden. Usually they are childish by having better equ than others having fun with killing weaker players. Well, for me that's not fun. I'm having fun by improving things. I want to be transparent from beginning. I have more fun having equal fight rather than giving my self equipment, but I'm not giving a statement that I won't give my self an item, because in some situations I will have to do this to be sure about imbalance and fixing it.   2. We make server with my ideas. Of course I will listen to yours and if they are not against mine we can merge them. I'm not interested in developing java server. I'm interested in making my own ideas to come true. That's my hobby. I just want a playful server and making it more playful with a time.   Maybe I could describe it more but well, I hope this text will be enough to roughly understand the meaning. So your job would be the rest things to do. If you are interested write here and give me a PM.  
    • what about skype and emails that are also on sale?
    • Hello everyone,
      now you can download our stable configuration files for Freya client.
      These files are from stable version and our new not tested updates not included in this files.
        Download Configurations files for stable version - Freya - Click here for download ( not included configuration from beta (freya) mean new not tested updates )

      Have a nice day
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