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( Start 17/11/16 19:00 GMT +2 )


Server Rates


Xp: 2000x

Sp: 2000x

Drop: 1x

Adena: 2000x


Interlude PvP No Custom items server. Retail server with custom modifications.

Enchantment Rates

Safe: +3

Max: +15

Max with Crystal: +18

Normal Scroll: 65%

Blessed Scroll: 85%

Crystal Scroll: 100%

Olympiad Information

Olympiad Starts: 18:00 

Olympiad Ends: 00:00 

Hero Changes: Every four days

Hero Status can be retrieved from Monument of Heroes


Additional Information


 Client - Interlude.

 No Custom + Apella armor.

 Main town - Giran.

 Donate manager.

 Wedding system.

 Max buff slot - 60.

 Max SubClass - 3.

 Spawn potection 30s.

 RaidBoss 7.


 Increased movement speed on all classes

 Quake system.

 Auto Vote Reward System.

 Destroy SS/BSS.

 Auto TvT,CTF Event.

 Leave buff after death.

 Nick color: 100,300,500,700,1000 PvP.

 Title color: 50,100,200,350,500 PK.

 10 PvP- Hero aura.

 Anti Heavy System.

 GM shop.


 1 Active and 1 Passive.

 Duel systema.

 Online password change. 

 Interlude skill (90%).

 Sub classes without quest.

 Nobless without quest.

 Stackable scroll/ls.

 Npc Buffer.

 Buff time 9 hours.




 Tvt: .jointvt and .leavetvt

 Online: .online

 Heal: .buffs

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