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Help Code For Clan Rep And Fame From Mobs


Hello guys , is this code going to work for the latest L2j hi5 files?

Index: L2J_Server/com/l2jserver/gameserver/model/actor/instance
+++ L2J_Server/com/l2jserver/gameserver/model/actor/instance/L2MonsterInstance.java

@@ 159 , 23   162 , 24 @@
	public boolean doDie(L2Character killer)
		if (!super.doDie(killer))
			return false;
		if (_maintenanceTask != null)
			_maintenanceTask.cancel(false); // doesn't do it?
			_maintenanceTask = null;
+		if (getNpcId() == YourMobId) //Set here which mob ID you want to "drop" fame on die.
+		{
+			L2PcInstance kil = (L2PcInstance) killer;
+			//kil.setFame(kil.getFame() + Fame_Points); // set here how many fame points you want to add in character
+                      kil.getClan().addReputationScore(Clan_points, true) //set on clan_points number of points you want to give
+		}
		return true;

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