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League Accounts For Bitcoin Fast & Instant (All Regions Supported)


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Currently Selling level 30 Accounts For All Regions Except Japan


All Accounts Are for 50$ (0.0861    @ the time of writing this)



Account Features


All unverified

95 Champions

45-60 Skins

Enough Rp For A Name Change & 5000 Ip

A random rank above Silver 5



EUNE - 2320 Accounts 

EUW- 320 Accounts

LAN - 1230 Accounts

LAS - 1000 Accounts

NA - 10'00 Accounts

OCE- 1240

RU - 612

TR - 123




Having a problem contact support @ madmanic09@gmail.com


How To Receive an account ?

Send payment here 1PmcEKeQmSexjvuHjcdrwgiL84UY1u4oGM 


Then send a email to quora726@gmail.com



Format email like this.



Account  Request



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