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3 Account On Core Innova + Adena


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Hi I have for sell some char and adena in official server Core Innova. 


Here is full list of char:


Acc 1:


Main Tank 99 10 AP

Dual iss 99 16 AP

sub 80/80


Zaken char Titan 85 lvl (event items)

Aq char + EQ 

Baium char 



Acc 2:


Main Feoch 100 16 AP 

Dual Titan 99 16 AP

sub 80/80


Mage have shiny shirt +6/ +15 INT dyes/


Tyr maestro 95 lvl/ dual sos tank 86 lvl(3rd class) event items sub 80/80 char is leader of 8 lvl clan with not full clan skills 

3 char for zaken (88 wynn/ 85 saya/85 evis)

baium char



Acc 3:


Main Yul 101 16 AP

Dual Titan 100 16 AP

sub 80/80


Archer have shiny shirt +6/ FUll quest exaled done/ +15 str dye/ opal lvl 4 obsi lvl 4 ruby lvl 3 diamond lvl 3 and others lvl 1-2/ braclet aria +3 str 


Saya seer 85 for zaken( event items)



For more info about char pm me 


Adena price 16e/1B

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