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high five [L2J] Lwmix


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Basic rates the server 

===== ===================================== 

the Exp: x7 

SP: x7 

Spoil: x5 

Drop: x5 

Adena : x5 

RaidBoss Drop: x4 

Fishing x3 

epaulettes x4 

CB x5 


====================================== ==== 

server Features 



1. Skills Avtoizuchenie to 76 (except for the forgotten scrolls) 

2. Drop scroll transformation Anakim cut to 5% 

2.1. Chance to open the chest for skill dagerschikov 40% to 15% of the key 

2.2. Removed drop one-handed swords of the chests 

3. Drop calculated by the formula PTS- 

4. Macros to rollback abilities and lag shots - no 

5. Buy 1 and 2 occupations for Adena, 3 - Silver Shilen (not Donat)

6. Avtolut works (setting .cfg) 

7. When you create a clan - the clan level 5 

8. Monster champions - drop x1 experience x10, x50, respectively 

9. Cursed weapons will be included on the 3rd day after the start of the server 

10. Auction items will be included in 1 month after the start of the server 

11. Stats mobs and RB are close to the PTS, to maintain a balance in the economy



Team on the project 

===================== =====

.help - this command shows all available in-game voiced-team 

.cfg - to enable / disable avtoluta / lock experience and so on 

.offline - offline trade 

.seeds, .sod, .soi command to display information . SoD and SoI 

.debug - enable / disable the display of detailed information about the chance of passing the debuff separately for PvP and the PvE. 

.whoamp and .whoams command to display the stat pets and summons the player. 

.bot Player -check on bot 

.km-all-to -me - an appeal to the clan leader of a clan, cost 5 crystals call to roll back 30 minutes, it does not work on sieges and epic zones


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