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[3.3.5A] [255] [Fun] World Of The Gods

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World of The Gods
A server running since 2008, but has gotten quiet lately.
We are looking to get as many people online at our server and here we are to offer you some of the reasons why you should.
Our server is being run by proffesionals, our Game Masters are proffesional folks that will be there to guide you with any questions you may have.
Same stands for our players communicative happy to help playerbase.
Information about us

  • Stable server - uptime is 99% and maintence are weekly.
  • Website and forums - user friendly, simple to use nice to eye.
  • Security - very good ddos protection on server.
  • Unique global PVE and PvP Malls


  • Level 255.
  • 1v1 Skrimish arenas
  • Over thousands of custom items (upgradeable donor and vote stuff)
  • Quests to earn donor tokens (exchanged for donor sets)
  • Amazing voting rewards.
  • Visual system (make your player have any effect you want)
  • Custom made XMogs as well as newer cata/mop Xmogs.
  • Featured .buff which makes you have 0.03 haste (work on rest of your stats)
  • VIP feature, become a VIP and gain access to various commands like .t mall
  • Donor preview weapons, meaning you will get 10 minutes to try out any of our donor weapon before deciding if you want to buy it.
  • Your own personal teleporter which you carry around with yourself.
  • Cata/MoP mounts which can be bought with Vote Points
  • A gambling system you will have a chance to trade in you 20 vote points for a chance to win more items from grand prize of donor items to lower tier prizes like vote items.
  • Or yet another of our unique features A Loan system, which can be harsh, but is awesome! Once you get 20 vote points (a assurance) you will be able to loan up to 310 vote points from the server and spend them anywhere, however be carefull to pay it back in time or the debt Panda collectors will stalk you.

There is alot more awaiting you at our server so be sure to check our server up here
World of The Gods

Here are some of our videos you could check out and see if you like

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