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Wts 2Chars And Some Items On Core,innova

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Main class       Wynn Spectral Master  99 lvl (10%)      8 AP (56%)                      Dual Class lvl 92  Feoh Storm Screamer                     sub class    80lvl and 75 lvl


Other characters on the same account


Archer 76 lvl for Baium      Feoh Mystic Muse 85 lvl (for p lvl 79-85)      Feoh Storm Screamer 90 lvl (for Lilith)      Wynn Spectral Master 87 lvl (for Lilith)         Soulbreaker 61 lvl (For Orfen)



Items untradable

obsidian lvl 3

Talsiman - Annhilitation

Arias bracelet CON

90 Blood Oaths

1 Blood of Alliance




Main class                   ISS Spectral Dancer  99 (lvl 16%)  8 AP             Dual class YUL Ghost Sentinel 96 lvl               sub class 80 lvl and 40 lvl


Other chars on the same account

Tyr Titan lvl 85


Items untradable

Brooch 4 slot

Ruby lvl 3

LvL 4 Legendart STR Dye    -     +5 STR  -1 DEX Fire Ressistance +20


Items Tradeable for Both Chars

r95 Specter Bow +4 Focus lvl7 Holy

Echanced OCtavis Necklace Warrior +3

Top r95 Belt    PvP Defense +3

Twillight Leather Armor  SET +3 (3x60)

Twillight Heavy set +6  (TOP armor blessed 120-120-96/ LEGs blessed 72-90-90  / gloves-boots-helmet 3x60   )

Pirate Eyepatch  + 3 MEN


I can sell specific or as pack. Everything is sellable  CHEAP  and TRUSTED.


Someone from Greece has advantage due to face to face trade.


my email is zikasstathis@gmail.com

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