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Potential Idea About “No Flying In Wow Draenor Or Future Expansions”

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Since WOW designer Ion Hazzikostas revealed that there will be no flying in Draenor and future expansions, a great amount of posts have been published to denouncing Watcher. And most of players even decide to AFK to fight against this decision. In this case, a potential idea was put forward, aiming at solving this problem with a satisfactory method. Continue for details.

Hazzikostas confirmed no flying in wow 6.2

A recent interview with lead designer Ion Hazzikostas showed that wow had originally removed flight out as an experiment, but the developers finally decided not to add flight in Draenor in 6.2, and maybe in any future expansions, since flight would reduce the risk, make the world smaller, and decline the game experience. As Blizzard Entertainment posted, “Being able to fly added convenience, but removed the ability to add things like targeted exploration of the world and made the world feel smaller and less dangerous.” The thing is that when risk turns larger, players would need much time or even more wow gears to challenge it - one of the reasons why players boycott this decision.

Most of players fight against no-flying decision

Although wow’s developers have given their explanation, a big crowd of people couldn’t control to express their outrage and disappointment. Look some common voice from most players.

1. Some players know that restricted flying areas are beneficial for game’s development, but clipping their wings permanently just make people sad. Most of them like flying, so it should have a place in the game.

2. Fewer players would like to take adventures without flight, and they will just stay in their WOW Garrison.

3. Ending flying essentially ends archaeology. It is way too time consuming to get to the sites. Many people will AFK if there is no flying.

4. If developers have the best interests of players, they should value players’ opinion and not to remove flight. People who don’t want to fly can keep on ground, but it is no need to hinder others who want.

Potential idea: restrict flight rather than remove it

Although Blizzard’s original intention is to make the game better, some players think there are some ways to allow players the effective full freedom of flying that pro-flight people want and still have restrictions to make the game playable and challengeable.


1. No flying except at cap. Leveling experience affected less than heirlooms, RAF or XP potions.

2. Add a debuff that reduces character's capabilities by 50% or something for a minute after dismounting from a flying wow mount. Prevents players from going after targets of opportunity in PVP or PVE, or at least savagely increases the difficulty.

3. Don't let players fly within a short term of time (maybe 5 minutes, less time in PVP combat means more time before flying again) of engaging in PVP combat.

4. Aerial hazards. Turbulent winds force players away from areas you don't want them to fly, but don't interfere drastically with their chosen course. If they want to try and fly to some rare bollocks you've hidden, they'll get blown off course. If they want to try and goblin glider in, do the same.

more details at: Gold4fans


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