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Gia sas, otan kapoios paixtis kanei + exei para poli liga stats, pos mporo na kano px sto + 25 na exei sigkekrimena stats? 8elo na ma8o kai gia weapons kai gia armors kai gia jewerlies.Plz help me.Ty. :)

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Apla Pigene


gameserver/data/stats/armor<<-----gia armor na ta kaneis edit dld na prostheseis stat ite na afereseis stat!!


gameserver/data/stats/weapon<<----to idio kai edw !!!]


tha s dwso merikous koudikous gia na deis pos einai


<item id='495' name="Tattoo of Pledge">
    <add val='124' order='0x10' stat='pDef'/>               <<--- sto val to allazeis oso thes! 
    <add val='35' order='0x10' stat='mAtkSpd'/>           
    <add val='180' order='0x10' stat='mAtk'/>
    <enchant val='0' order='0x0C' stat='pDef'/>


p.s otan tha mpeis gameserver/data/stats armor i weapon tha to anoigeis me Simiomatario= notepad !!!

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