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[HELP] L2Majesty C4 L2OFF


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Looking for help to work IG and OOG walker for this server. Ive never botted on an L2OFF server before so i thought maybe you guys might know. Plus does l2net work on L2OFF?



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Ok heres all the info that ive gotten for the walker settings.






Token: 5F 3B 35 2E 5D 39 34 2D 33 31 3D 3D 2D 25 78 54 21 5E 5B 24


Can anyone help me with this please?

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Could someone at least tell me a version of walker that i could use and what patcher too. Or is there a special way of connecting to L2OFF servers?


P.S. Heres the website: http://www.lineage2majesty.com/


Please someone reply. Seems like no one ever replys to my help  :(

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