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  1. Nice and i'm guessing the admins will upload ig/oog walker for the erica server too? Also i try to vote for the server but one of the links you have to register to that website inorder to vote. Thats if you live outside of russia but the problem is that its all in russian lol
  2. Has the admin said anything more about the Erica server? Any date when it will be open? Because i can't bot on Liona :(
  3. Paul do you have IG and OOG walker working on this server?
  4. I agree and thats why i'm joining. Updating lineage 2 ruined the game so the original lineage 2 is always best and more fun. See you all ingame!
  5. Is there anyway to get walker to auto bank for you? With servers that have a banking system. I wanna make a script that goes something like this: .deposit DELAY (30) But i want walker to do it when i have 2 million adena. Is there a better way to script this? Thanks! *Edit* Ok i've made this script so far SAY (.deposit) DELAY (10000) SAY (.deposit) And it works BUT i dunno how to make it endless so i don't have to push Run all the time to reset the script. Does anyone know how to loop this script or improve it? Like to get the script to check when
  6. How am i spamming? He said that he would make another crack so you wouldn't need to use hidetoolz. I made a post about it then i made an ''EDIT'' post so i wouldn't make two in a row. I left it for a good 4 days or so then made another post just to bump the thread as it was sinking. And thats spamming? Don't talk down to me again.
  7. TILEMACHOS seriously i will suck your dick mannn if you crack this shit yo *UPDATE* Any progress going on? Hopefully nearly done. I swear i'm addicted to walker.
  8. Are there any other programs that would hide the walker? Like sandbox?
  9. Well looks like i'm fucked with vista x64. Can i like remove vista and install say windows xp or windows 7 x32?
  10. I can't even get hidetoolz to work. I get ''Driver load error'' every time i load it up. I did abit of research and it appears that it doesn't run on vista x64 bit BUT i think there is a way but i haven't got the time to look into it for. I'll look into it later but if someone wants to post a solution for it in here that would be great. Hopefully when i come back later they're be a better way to connect with walker or i get hidetoolz to run :D