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Ogn 2014 Spring Finals Preview: Samsung Galaxy Blue Vs Najin White Shield

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The Finals are here, and two titans of Korea are lining up for the final round. Neither of these two teams have made it to the finals of OGN before, so let’s preview these two young powerhouses.


Samsung Galaxy Blue


Starting Lineup:

Top: Acorn

Jungle: Spirit

Mid: Dade

AD Carry: Deft

Support: Heart


Samsung Blue has been known for their adaptability as a team and willingness to try new strategies (usually the ones that become meta after other teams figure out the patch). Not that many predicted they would come out on top over their sister team Samsung Galaxy Ozone in the semifinals, however the whole team pulled together to take them out. In the spotlight is Dade, who many know for an atrocious performance at the Season 3 World Championships, while others remember the terror he was during 2013′s OGN Spring Season. This season he looks to do the same, and is on a train with no stop signs in sight. His current champion pool includes Yasuo and Twisted Fate, both of which are very strong at the moment and are usually what Blue’s team compositions are based around. Among Dade, and having one of their best seasons ever, are Acorn and Deft. Both have performed out of their minds this season, matching up to top players such as Imp and Shy. However, these games will be an incredible challenge for Acorn, as he’ll be facing off against Save, who many feel is the best top laner in the world at the moment. The last two members of the team, Heart and Spirit have had a very strong season, with both constantly establishing vision control for their team. Spirit has been on Blue for a while, and while not considered a stand-out jungler, he has stepped it up this season and his play are what establishes his team strong leads. Heart is 25 years old, making him one of the older players still around. His experience and knowledge have made him the team captain, and will lead is team into the final.


Najin White Shield


Starting Lineup:

Top: Save

Jungle: Watch

Mid: Ggoong

AD Carry: ZefA

Support: GorillA

Historically being strongest on poke compositions, Najin White Shield has managed to open up in recent games especially utilizing Save’s prowess in all aspects of top lane play. White Shield have been on a huge upswing since the start of the recent Winter season, making it to the semifinals then and the finals now. The team has had fairly strong rotational control, however usually don’t establish vision as well as Blue do. Their teamfighting and coordination is clean, however Blue is usually able to adapt to patches faster, and we don’t know how the most recent one will affect the Najin squad.

It will be hard for them to defeat Blue, as while neither team’s lanes have a significant advantage, Watch has been known to be a hit or miss type of player. Watch has occasionally brought solid play to secure his teams objectives and vision control, and sometimes made questionable plays that can make or break a game. On the other hand, Save is considered the best top laner in the world at the moment, being able to properly put pressure while roaming and using teleport. Ggoong is incredibly strong, and has lost very few lanes this season as well. ZefA and GorillA have been doing well, albeit the occasional failed play, however those have been far and few this season.


Source: http://www.newsoflegends.com/index.php/ogn-2014-spring-finals-preview-samsung-galaxy-blue-vs-najin-white-shield-18283/

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