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All-Star Challenge Teams Announced!

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The World has voted and the results are in. Time to reveal what YOU chose as the ten players that will travel to Paris.


Team Ice


Henrik ‘Froggen’ Hanssen – Mid Lane – Captain

Leading the team is Alliance’s All Star Mid Laner, Froggen. Known throughout Season 2 for his “classic-mage” play, most notably Anivia and Karthus, he has become world-renowned as a top-tier mid laner. Throughout Season 3 and the 2014 Season Froggen has been the driving force behind his team’s success. His expertise and high mechanical skill will help him lead his team to victory.

Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng – AD Carry

Known for his incredible mechanical ability and poor map awareness, Doublelift has been considered one of the best AD Carries in NA if not the world for quite some time. That isn’t undeserved, as his consistent play throughout this season has earned the praise of other high profile players such as NA’s other All Star, Bjergsen. Even as stats point towards other AD Carries such as Cloud 9′s Sneaky and TSM’s Wildturtle, CLG’s tried-and-true AD player has still managed to hold an edge.

Mingi ‘Madlife’ Hong – Support

Considered the best support in the World for quite some time, Madlife is a force to be reckoned with. Known for his Thresh and Blitzcrank play, his hooks strike fear into the hearts of enemy players. Sometimes referred to as “Godlife”, his deep understanding of the game and ability to pull off complex plays has made him a fan favourite.

Wei ‘Caomei’ Handong – Top Lane

As the top lane for Team WE, Caomei has a lot of experience in the role. While originally being an AD player, he quickly rose up in the ranks of Chinese top laners. Known for reliability in game or out, he will bring a lot to the table for Team Ice to work with.

Nhut ‘Archie’ Tran Minh – AD Carry

A former DotA pro, Archie has been in eSports for years. He’s known for his Ezreal play garnering him recognition for his ability to carry his team on that champion. Archie’s positioning ability and quick-thinkin will pose an important threat for Team Fire at every turn.

Yu ‘Misaya’ Jingxi – Mid Lane – Sub – Hexakill Sixth Position

Famed for his Twisted Fate, during his time Misaya was considered one of the best mid laners in the world. An original member of Team WE, he also represented China at the 2013 All Star event. He led his team to victory in multiple IEM events and high placing in the LPL.


Team Fire


Danil ‘Diamond’ Reshetnikov – Jungler – Team Captain

Leading Team Fire is the Russian Jungler of Gambit, Diamond. Being the biggest jungle innovator throughout the world, he’s known for his unorthodox and well thought out strategies. He’s been the one to pull out Karma in the jungle, and win with it. Even with unorthodox play, one of Diamond’s signature champions is Lee Sin. His amazing skill on such a mechanically complicated champion has helped earn him the respect of players across the globe.

Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg – Mid Lane

North America’s best Mid laner, and European import. The star of Team Solo Mid had big shoes to fill when he came in to replace long time player and team owner, Reginald. He has shined, taking the NA scene by storm rarely if ever losing his own lane. His map pressure and skill levels are phenomenal in North America, with only a few others able to take him on head to head. However, Europe has a plethora of mid laners, and Bjergsen is just one of them. Up against Froggen, he’ll be put to the test facing a veteran superstar.

Sangmyun ‘Shy’ Park – Top Lane

Ol’ Reliable Shy, consistently one of the best Top laners in the world. While he doesn’t have the team-carrying style of Flame, Shy is still one of the best. With every bit of mechanical skill and game sense that a Top lane player needs to possess, Shy has always managed to perform. He has a large champion pool, being able to handle anything from Jax to Dr. Mundo to Kennen to Renekton with ease.

Gao ‘WeiXiao’ Xuecheng – AD Carry

Up against NA’s Doublelift, these two players were considered the top two AD Carries in the world during Season 2. At this point no player can be considered #1 of AD Carry, however both of these players possess incredible mechanical skill. The main factor that sets them apart, is that WeiXiao is a shotcaller for his team. When these two titans clash, you’d better watch.

Vu ‘QTV’ Nguyen Tran Tuong – Top Lane

One of the strongest Top laners in Southeast Asia, QTV has drawn many comparisons to Wickd or ZionSpartan for favouring melee duelist champions. He can be the factor that wins or loses the game based on how he does in lane. His incredible plays in the top lane have earned him the popularity of fans, and the All Star vote. With such an interesting player making it to Paris, fans can look to see more non-meta champions from this man.

Kurtis ‘Toyz’ Lau – Mid Lane – Sub – Hexakill Sixth Position

Toyz is best known for his Season 2 World Championship run with the Taipei Assassins. He dominated throughout the tournament, becoming world-renowned for his Orianna play. He retired not too long after the GPL Spring Season (In which he held a 9.0 KDA) due to an unfortunate injury.


Source: http://www.newsoflegends.com/index.php/all-star-challenge-teams-announced-17844/

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