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hellbound New High Five Server Open


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XP 50X
SP 50X

Server time GMT +2
Buff Limit 24+4
Dance / Song 12
Debuff Limit 8
Trigger Limit 12
Safe Enchant +3
Max Enchant +10
Normal Scroll Chance 35%
Blessed Scroll Chance 40%
Attribute Stone Chance 40%
Attribute Crystal Chance 30%
Slots for Private Store: Dwarf 12, Other 10
The maximum level for subclass is 85
Antharas, Baium, Valakas respawn time decreased to 30 hours!
Official Geodata and Pathnodes
No subclass quest
Class Master is available
Offline shops available from level 10
Auto learn skills and Forgotten Scrolls
Auto loot enabled, not for Raids
Active and 100% working vitality system
Active Champions system
Wedding system is active with small price 

Global Gatekeeper
Hellbound special Gatekeeper
Global GM shop with items until S80 grade
Event Merchant for votes, events, medals, exchange, etc
Npc Buffer with all available buffs
Advanced Clan & Alliance npc
All Blacksmiths, Maestros with advanced functions
Class manager till 3rd class
Event NPC only in Giran
Delevel Manager decrease up to lvl 40
Services Manager for donators and non donators
Donation manager available for donators and non donators
PC Bang manager
Master Yogi to ecnaht weapon and get rewarded

.control - Character control panel
.away  |  .back - You can let your character in away mode when you are AFK
.combinetalismans - Combine your talismans into one talisman! All gather and become one
.openatod - Type command and number to open a certain number of Ancient Tome of Demon
.stats - Information about statistic of your character
.password - Changing your password from your account
.repair - Use command for issues logging your character, from another character from the same account
.hellbound - Information about current Hellbound  level and your confidence
.exp - Shows you how much XP you need to level up
.lock - Save your computer IP, log only from the same IP
.offline - Use it when you have private store to go in offline mode
.online - Show you how many players are REAL online + offline shops
.clan - Available only for Clan Leaders. Allow one of your clan member to withdraw from clan warehouse
/mybirthday - Your Birthday date and information
.engage - Engages the targeted player
.divorce - Divorce from your partner
.gotolove - Teleports you to your couple
.getreward - Vote all banners every 12 hours to receive Vote Coins and more

Heroes are formed automaticly by server every date of 15 and 1
There is no enchant restrictions for Olympiad


Enjoy ppls we are waiting to you !!!

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