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L2Addictions - Exp X200 Adena X500 [Beta 1 Month]


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Welcome to L2Addictions, beta opening for 1 month start in Saturday, March 8, 2014
Normal Players
EXP: x200
Adena: x500
Drop: x1
Party EXP: 1,2
Enchant safe +7
Enchant Max +25
Enchant chance (Normal) 66%
Enchant chance (blessed) 80%
Premium Players
EXP: x500
Adena: x600
Drop: x2
Party EXP: 1,2
Enchant safe +7
Enchant Max +25
Enchant chance (Normal) 69%
Enchant chance (blessed) 86%
Premium service/b]
Premium system is a feature which last 3 months .
Donate via automatic paypal system here 
Advantages of being a premium member are:


  • Seperate rates than normal members

  • Voice commands (.delevel - .buff )

  • Access to premium shop (Gold armor)

  • Premium chat (seen by everyone) 

  • 3-6% More enchant rate in scrolls 

  • Announce when logged in

DotA Quake System
Most player favorite System in DotA (defence of the ancient)
in lineage 2 only in PvP with message + Audio
1 kill = null
2 Kills = Double Kill
3 kills = Multi Kill
4 Kills = Ultra Kill
5 Kills = Rampage
6 Kills = Dominating
7 Kills = Legendary
8 Kills = Immortal
9 Kills = God Like 
Giran harbor changed from Peace Zone to MultiFunctionZone.
This mean players who enter via Party teleporter npc or by walking in automaticaly
get in PvP mode, get nobless and people who die inside MultiFunctionZone
respawn immidiately in random places inside zone.
RaidBosses are accessible with their quest items
that player can get either from quest or GmShop
~All raidboss are tested and working~
~and videos too~
  • No enchant restriction

  • Games expire after 1 week

  • Start at 21:00 (german time)

Custom Hero
  • Require 1,000 PvPs

There are plenty NPC's located most in Giran(maintown)
and other in Goddard.
  • Gm Shop (Everything inside)

  • Scheme Buffer + protection for lag

  • Achievment manager (currently 20 achieves)

  • Party teleporter for MultiFunctionZone

  • Gatekeeper Global

  • Service NPC(clan-nobless-level up clan-change name e.t.c)

  • Top Rank (PvP + rank points)

  • Premium Shop

  • Event Engine manager

  • Infos manager

Rank system
Rank system is a PvP mode which give you Rank points 
every time you kill a player. These points are exchanged with .pvpinfo command
into Items. The more points you get the better Rank name you have.
E.x 500 rank points -> Assassin
1000 rank points -> Hitman e.t.c
If you kill someone bigger rank than you, you will receive more points
and the opposite, less if you kill someone with less points than you.
There is protection in this system although, you cant get points if you kill
the same player in less than 1 minute or kill same IP player.
Also with .pvpinfo command you can see your or other player
rank . stats and generaly infos.
Currently there are 4 events for beta server. Before month expire there will be 4 more.
Currently events


Team Vs Team

Event time: 5 minutes
Price: 10 medals

Capture The Flag

Event time: 5 minutes
Price: 10 medals
Simon Says
Word increasment per round: 1
Price: 10 medals
Event time: 5 minutes
Price: 10 medals
Soon Events
Capture The Area
  • Battlefield
  • Kill The VIP
  • Hero vs Hero
In Game events
  • Kino event
  • Pk Hunter event
  • Quiz event
There is no website yet since server is beta for 1 month, we want you try our server and let us know your opinion.
You can register account here
And Download the system via mediafire here
Server is located in Dedicated (150 mbps - Full bandwith ) in Germany
and will stay for 1 month online till wipe. We want you give us ideas and
suggestion. Thanks a lot. 
-Sircerely L2Addictions admin.
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