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    • You are contradicting yourself! In your first message you clearly state "I want to create a GF server on the latest client." What this means is you want a GF server that is working on the latest client. You didn't say "not exactly like GF". You explicitly stated that the server would be GF and the client will be whichever new client you could find. You never asked for servers either. You asked how to do it, and more specifically: "to link Gracia Final Pack to that client. Do I just get a clean install and edit ini in the client", which brought me to the conclusion that you were completely oblivious and/or delusional, hense my EXTENSIVE and ON-POINT response, if I say so myself.      
    • oh, i didnt know that. I got everything i need. Thank you so much for your information and help!
    • In every mobius source there should be a readme file with all the links you need (system, client, IDEs etc). Best of luck!
    • I didnt say i dont know anything but i couldnt find a place to start. a guy here mentioned l2jmobius which is a good place to start. so i searched for it and its actually what i wanted. Now i just need to find a clean client to start. I know how to program and how to do changed to client but its hard to find clean clients. I dont really want to make my server exactly like gracia final. I just want to test out the clients and decide which one works better for me. I dont really like the awakening classes and the newest races. Can you please provide me with a couple of links of different clients so i can test them out before i start my project? As i said i cant really find any clean install client. Thank you in advance
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