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interlude [L2J] L2Chaos 22/11/13


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Website : www.l2chaos.net

Forum : www.l2chaos.net/forum/

(Server Logo) http://i.imgur.com/NsDxj4m.png

About Chaos Network :

We represent you Lineage 2 Chaos Network, with the first launch of an Interlude costum server with witch we will make the beggining of our gaming network of 3 or 4 servers, maybe more. Our team has as objecting to revive those old good times of interlude, we believe in the best results after quite long time of developing this project. However its not sure that there will be no problems but our team is here to ensure that any problem will be dealt asap. We are waiting you all of our big grand opening.

Rates :

Xp : 1000

Sp : 1000

Adena :N/A

Drops : N/A

Max lvl : 85

Enchant Rates :

Safe : +3

Max : +16

Normal scrolls : 70%

Blessed scrolls : 74%

Crystal scrolls : 100%

Custom Items :

NOTE: The custom items are all fixed and they don't have "starwars" stats.

2 tiers custom armor

1 tier custom weapon

Custom tattoo

Custom accesories

And more custom features...

Basic Economy :

Silver medals

Gold medals

x50 Silver medals = 1 Gold medal

About Balance :

Every class is modified by a unique Formula balancer, debuff chances and rates are shown when u cast a skills and everything works to suit pvp balance.

Chat Channels :

Trade chat (+):Can be used when you reach 300 pvps, after use it has a cooldown of 15 minutes,

however the delay decreases up to 7 minutes according to your pvp amount .

Hero shout(%): Can be used by heroes or at 5500 pvps, 3 minutes cooldown .

Global Shout(!):Can be used at 10000 pvps, 6 minute cooldown .

Npc Buffer :

All buffs 3 hours, death doesn't remove your buffs All buffs included on the buffer, except some which changed to costum If you want to get rid of a buff,

just choose it again from the buffer and it will be removed Heal from buffer every 3 minutes, can't be used during pvp

Olympiad :

The hero cycle is every 2 weeksHeroes get an additional ultimate skill on their baseclass

Valor and Heroic berserkercan stack together

NOTE: On olympiad you can equip only A Grade items!!!

General :

When you login, the server checks your last login, if more than a hour had passed since then you will be teleported to town to avoid campers.

Skills don't have mp consumptions, but heals have.

The arrows and SS is auto without to buy.

Mp and Hp consumption over time from buffs/toggles have been removed.

Gracia Final like instances for first time into Interlude client!

Shift+click on NPC and view it's drops.

Shift+click on ur target to view all your target's basic stats heavily detailed.

All classes have some custom skills.

Machine - DDoS Protection

CPU : Intel Core i7-3930k (6 x 3,20 GHz )


HDD : 2 x 3.000 GB SATA II

Connection : up to 1.000 Mbit

Unlimited Bandwith

DDOS Protection from clever-hosting

Join and check the full features !


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