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Hello guys,I was thinking for a while to post a guide about daggers,since its my main class and ive messed with them a lot,in this guide I will explain the differences between daggers,certain strategies at olympiad and pvp ,and pretty much everything that i hold in my knowledge.


The guide is based in h5 chronicle mostly,but i will cover topics for other chronicles also ( post gf)


Theese are the main differences of daggers :


passives :

-ghost hunter has critical damage,and most of the other 2

-windrider has critical rate,the most of the other 2

-adventurer has both critical damage and critical rate,in half from the other 2,special note is that adventurers critical passives CANT be enchanted.


lvl 72 skills :

-ghost hunter has evasion counter,when the enemy miss a normal hit on you,there is a chance they will get stunned.

-windrider has evasion chance,when an enemy miss a normal hit on you,you gain a buff for 1 min that raise your blow chances.

-adv has evasion haste,when enemy miss on you you gain a buff that gives attack speed.


lvl 79 skills :

-ghost hunter has counter attack , for 10 secs you transfer damage back on the enemies(i will cover this in more detail later)

-windrider has dodge,for 10 secs you have 90% evasion rate on melee and ranged skills and attacks.

-adventurer has mirage , for 1 minute when enemy hits you they have a chance they will lose target.


lvl 83 skills :

-ghost hunter has ghost walking,gives most % for vital point attack(40%) compared to other 2, and 60% eva rate.(alongside with speed boost and evasion boost)

-windrider has windriding,gives 20% vital point attack , while he gets the higher % skill evasion (75%)

-adventurer has exciting adventure , 30% vital point attack,40% evasion chance on skills.


some general differences :

-ghost hunter has hex,drain health , 2 mxcs(pdef and p.atk)trick

-windrider has heal,entagle,2 mxcs(pdef and p.atk)magic barrier(mdef buff)and speed buff(can be enchanted for + evasion)and switch,its the same as trick but lower cooldown and land rate.

-adventurer has both trick and switch, no mxcs and selfbuffs.


differences in skillset:

there are 3 lvl 78 skills,focus power,focus death,focus chance,all 3 daggers have 2 of theese buffs,in different combinations.

-ghost hunter has focus death+focus power

-windrider has focus death+focus chance

-adventurer has focus power + focus chance


another big difference is that,windrider and ghosthunter have blinding blow(gives speed bonus+turns back of the enemy)mortal strike buff (+20% chance for vital point attack) while adventurer have dash(speed bonus,no need to be in contact with enemy to do it) and critical blow(+20% vital point attack buff for 17 secs)



differences in stats:

-ghosthunter has the highest STR, lowest CON , and mediocre dex.

-windrider has lowest STR,highest DEX,and mediocre CON

-adventurer high str(a little less than gh) mediocre dex,most CON



dyes setup :


dye setup 1: glass cannon(preffered for ghost hunters and wind riders,dont try it as adv)

-5 con +5 str.


STR gives higher double crit blow chance,higher skill mastery chance,and slight higher damage.

Con takes away from you health,cp,and stun resist.


This setup is good in my opinion if u know exactly what you do and where you move,you can kill healers and light armor users fairly easy,u just need to avoid tanks,any stun based character,and getting focused.


dye setup 2: the standart(for all 3 daggers)

+4 dex +4 con -8 str


This setup is the best if you have a CONSTANT party with at least 1 more dagger with you that you can cooperate in order to kill targets, + dex provides mobility while + con makes you more fat and less stun magnet,dont use theese if you wanna solo enemies,cause you wont be able to be successfull(wasting 1.5k mana to kill an elvel elder is not a success)


dye setup 3:the fun one(preffered for adventurers and ghost hunters.)

-8 dex +4 str +4 con


This setup is used ONLY if you play on PVP servers or IF you can have FULL BUFFS(low rates with dc/sws/bd/pp)

-8 dex is bad only for 1 reason,u lose TONS of speed,evasion is not so much needed in h5 since most classes are depending on skills rather than normal hits,critical rate is not something so important since it does not affect the blow chances ,and your atk speed is not SO much affected.


pros with this setup is that you can kill pretty much everything,if you are in a fight(meaning that enemy dont run away from you )it makes it easy to kill all the other daggers since + str gives huge damage and a lot of doubles while + con and spamming bleed+sap will keep you alive(dont forget critical wound and HEX).


for olympiad i suggest +4 dex +4 con dyes,for mass pvp without cp +5 STR -5 CON(u need atleast 1 healer ofcourse)

and for trolling mode+pvp server i suggest the -8 dex one.




Ok lets face some facts around.


windrider is the best oly dagger,the reason is that he has the most buffs, HEAL,cure bleed/poison(so even if you are debuffed u can remove them and hide )focus death (meaning u can still do good damage if you backstab) and very good mobility.


ghost hunter excells in killing healers(considering he gives the highest damage),and generaly robe users,he can also kill light armor dds and heavy damage dds.

ghost walking gives 60% of skill evasion,and even though its not the highest its still enough to wipe out gladiators,titans,dn's,doombringers,slh's.

his big problem is gk's(% evasion does not evade debuffs,meaning that even if the skill miss u will still get stunned)

titans if you dont manage to kite them in order for guts to go off,and tanks.


Adventurer is not THAT good vs general dd's since hes 40% evasion chance on skills is not that big and for example a gladiator can land a lot of skills to you,you can use mirage to turn around most battles and to bully tanks and pretty much everything.Also its hard to kill healers with adventurer.(atleast for me:) )



General tips:


MIRAGE : if enemy has tezza/valky,when you normal hit him he reflects some damage on you,that also triggers mirage meaning that if enemy does not remove this epic,he can be constantly losing target AND missing skills(interupting them)if enemy knows this and remove tezza/valky, then cw ,trick,switch,and bluff will be a lot easier to land.

for example vs tanks i just UE+mirage and jump on them(without any focus buff)hit hit citical blow lethal  deadly hit hit hit lethal deadly,usually when tank reach 50% of health i still have some cp left,if tank opens 2 uds at once,dash and run for 30 secs,then excitement adventure and finish it off.


Countering shadowstep backstab:

Shadow step+backstab is something u can actually evade,just put next target in your bar and when enemy dagger do it,just next target+some skill(prefer lethal blow or bleed)

If you are fast enough you can next target+shadowstep,if you do it fast enough enemy dagger WONT backstab you and you will be already on his back ,its tested and it works wonders if you are skilled.


"facestab" technique:

there is a way to land backstab on enemy even when he attacks you,you just do 2 steps on his back and do it,best way to practice this is with mobs,its not a hard technique but mastering it and using it in pvp oly is another story(usually it does not work on java servers)


using hide properly :

Never,and i mean NEVER start a fight(especially oly) with hide,hide gives you 30 sec of invisibility,use it to counter an enemy skill,for example if you fight vs a ghosthunter and he opens ghost walking,just hide,that way you will"burn" hes most precious skill,do the same for ud's , arcane shield of nukers,pet celestial from summoners.


Using counter attack :

counter attack on gh is a tricky skill to use,and if you use it like a "ghost" enemy wont know what hit em,usually use it when you fight inbetween of your blows,make sure u blind blow the enemy so if he decide to run he will get backstabed all the way he runs,bleed is a good slow/hide preventing skill also.


cancel stick:

cancel stick is pretty good to have(hero pole) but imo the only dagger class that worth the effort is adventurer,his kit generaly(mirage+dash+crit rate passives+evasion haste) make him A MONSTER with this thing,windrider is good with it also due to his high critical rate but not that good as adv,gh sucks with it imo.

Buffs :


Ive played with both offensive and defensive setups,and i can say that both works on different occasions.

In low rate servers i prefer zerk+gr might if i play ghost hunter,just because of the damage dude,u just,2shot healers...


defensive buffs are also good and i use them in more "serious" pvps( big pvps with a lot of people)


I would LOVE to put some strategies vs ALL classes in oly,but if i do that i will need a lot of time to write it,and the guide will be to long,I might do it if people ask for it,so,thats all,i hope you liked it  and im pretty sure i have some grammar/spelling mistakes,but im to bored to doublecheck it :))


Also feel free to post ANY questions u have about dagger classes,Im gonna follow this topic so i plan to answer to anyone that needs help or advice.




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Hi bro thx for Guide but i wanna ask something In l2 High five Full buffs server witch is better dual daggers or One Dagger And what attribute Can i put On my Weapons Waiting your answer :D

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hello my friend,you can use both of em if you are fast enough,and after all its personal preference , for example im used to single dagger so i use it,only way for dual daggers to bypass damage of singe dagger+cd is to make em +16.


I only use duals on macro with dual blow for the extra fatality blow and damage,then switch back to single dagger.


You can also use dual daggers for cancel buffs per normal hit,since they got more crit. rate than the single one,but again its preference.



About element it does not really matters,since in pvp (h5) server u will enchant skills+duel, so your element will not be added to your +duel blows(only if u go for + same element blows)


that means that element pays a role ONLY when u autohit someone,then again,as a dagger,u dont autohit,and if u do it,u dont do it for damage.


tldr?  holy/earth is the best imo,but it wont affect things if u play properly.

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On 9/3/2013 at 10:29 PM, godhanded said:



"facestab" technique:

there is a way to land backstab on enemy even when he attacks you,you just do 2 steps on his back and do it,best way to practice this is with mobs,its not a hard technique but mastering it and using it in pvp oly is another story(usually it does not work on java servers)



when a sorc for example (sorc casts over the shoulder best char to face stab xD ) or any char as a matter of fact , casts a skill/spell u have short timeage in which you can spam backstab whilst clicking behind left/right foot , depending on the position on map that u've got. That requires indeed skills , patience and some instincts to wake up , do some pushups and some pullups ))). and train yourself a lil bit be4 startin' 2 do that ))). Like Drink your coffee have your joint , farm a lil bit . train that sh1t then go out in the world doing it ))). TH (Dagger) is hard to be played by most players in order to excel  but it can do a lot. 

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