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l2 elixir 4th client

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lipon pedia oi perisoteroi ton xeroun ton server >> elixir>>


oi gm ipane oti boroume na aniksoume mexri 3 client...ara sto 4o otan pao na anikso dn anigi...


pos to ftiaxno?? 8imame se enan allon server p epitrepotan ena client  , k to allaza (enablesecondwindow=true) .... alla tora pos to kano ??? ligo help opios xeri




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apo oso ksero o server epitrepei 3 account gia kathe mia ip, opote dn nomizo na kaneis kati etsi. exo akousi oti kapiou anoigoun parapano me 2o user se ena pc kai rooter alla dn exo rooter kai dn to exo dokimasei:/

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