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eRepublik acc: +51 q7 hit, more then 2000 golds...


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Experience level: 65


Experience points: +201.000


Strength: +49.600


Military Rank: God of War **


Rank Points: +351.300.000


Hit Q7 +51.800


All Health Buildings: 650 healt (1300 FF)


Citizenship: Poland


Gold: 906


Currency: 129.000 PLN (On MM 1g ~225; ~573,33g)




Loyalty Program: Bronze


You can change name for 5gold!


Training Contract 600:07:00


Acc have all medals except Country President, Media Mogul (acc does not have newspaper-it can be opened for 5g), and Top Fighter (2/30 days in Top Fighters)


Acc is not connected with FB.




All training grounds lv q4 (daily 90str)


Rocket factory q5 (one Rocket 2.500.000 and 5min Damage Booster +50% on hit per day) (dissolve price 145g)


Factory: Q7 Weapon (dissolve price 615g)




Storage: 42.000


Market Licences: 6: Montenegro, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, Poland


Energy Bar: 200


Bazooka: +1


Q5 Rocket in storage: 1 (2.500.000dmg each) no expiration date


Small Bomb in storage: 8 (1.500.000dmg each) expires on day 2,066


Big Bomb in storage: 5 (5.000.000dmg each) expires on day 2,066




*If I forgot to tell something feel free to ask. :)


With all gold, cc, q4 training centers, factory 240 euros

or with all that rockets in storage and with 200g and q4 training centers and without any factory 120 euros.


Contact me: erep.acc.sell@gmail.com

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