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Buff Time ( interlude)


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Hello . I use l2jfrozen srvpach.

And i have a problem with me buffer ... I use 9999_NPCBuffer . So let's start problem.I edit time buff( just song )  from data/stats/skills/...for 5 hour . Now let's give you a exemple to anderstand . I make a caracter -class swordsinger(songer)- and when i give song ( all) they have 5 hour time....Bat -now is the problem- if i take song from Buffer they have just 2 min buff time and give me the same song thoice ( 1 from caracter using manual buff!!! AND !!! +1 from buffer ).If some1 can help me with this bug/erro or mistake config please inform me. Thanks in advance. SRY FOR BAD ENGLISH..

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