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interlude [L2 OFF] L2-CLUB


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One of the finest games in the Internet world, and only here you can experience its beauty with maximum comfort. A special relaxing atmosphere and an unforgettable wild dilution rate constant and endless event battles for territory will not let you get bored. Tired of the war - it'll fly the skies, meet fascinating sunrise or just passing day. Experience all the emotions - sweet love, desired happiness, false hopes and endless happiness. We have created a perfect world for you. And let our ideal world will be yours.




Server Platform  Lineage2 Interlude OFF Server

Live Date : 2013/03/01


L2-Club General


* General EXP: 75x (Boosted areas with higher EXP rate available)

* High and low-rate PVP gameplay mixture!

* Offline shopping

* Working interlude skills (retail-like)

* NWatch system (to ensure no corruption)

* Menu Panel

* Professional and active staff (No internal problems due to good communication)

* Phoenix events engine

* AIO buffer

* L2OFF geodata engine

* Added anti heavy system and raidboss status npc

* Grandboss spawn animation

* Retail like skill formulas

* PVP / PK top npc with interval checking

* No augments allowed on server.

*GM Shop with consumables , quest items and weapon / armor shop up to S grade.

*Npc Buffer with all 2nd class buffs and prophecies

*All buffs last 60 mins except summoner buffs which last retail 2mins.


L2-Club Main Features


GM Shop**: Armors, Weapons and Jewels up to B-Grade. Misc and consumables as you need.

Custom Shop** Armors, Weapon and Jewels up to S- grade,A grade and S grade obtain from medals obtainable in farm area.

Buffer**: Npc

Class Master: All free

Gatekeeper**: Global Gatekeeper.

News Informer*: News and changelogs will be posted there.

Nubles quest* Full

Customizable clanhalls: You can spawn given NPCs(such as Global GK, GM Shop, Buffer, etc.) in your clanhall as you like.(ask to a GM)


L2-Club Farming Area


Main Hunting Area #1 (party + pvp zone) Boosted adena and parts needed for S grade

Main Hunting Area #2 (solo / semi solo) Slightly Boosted adena and parts needed for S grade



L2-Club Enchants


* Max weapon enchant: +16

* Max armor enchant: +10

* Enchant rates are lowered to provide a more balanced gameplay and a retail-like environment.


L2-Club Olympiad


* 2-Week Olympiad Seasons to stimulate variation and olympiad activity.

*Class-based disabled.

*Skill re-uses are reset when leaving the Grand Olympiad Games, back to town.


L2-Club Raidbosses


*All Epic Raidbosses are level 80 and added pvp zone

*Valakas / Antharas stats reduced which make them easier to kill.

*Frintezza fully working.

And Much More.. Join Us !






Please register on our forum and give us feedback on features and what changes should be made for better gameplay for all, we are small community at first but we plan on starting something big and become a long lasting and enjoyable lineage 2 server


L][-Club.eu Team


[move]We never plan to stop updating the server to increase entertainment and always having something to do!![/move]

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