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[help] Dedicated servers.....!!!!



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malista!!!ok paides!! euxaristw gia thn boh8eia sas!!

edw brhka ena mhxanima!!

Intel Core i7 (4 x 2,66 GHz), 12 GB RAM, 2000 GB (two 1000 GB hard disks), UNLIMITED traffic !**, 100 Mbit/s port, Live support every day, 365 days a year via e-mail and telephone, Root access, Reboot web interface (preview), OS reinstall console (preview), Unlimited reboots, daily, free of charge, + 1x Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition (64 bit), + 1x Parallels Plesk for Windows (10 Domains).

me 110 to mhna! gia arxh kanei?

Τόσα λεφτά χωρίς να ξέρεις αν πας καλά, είναι κρίμα.

Αν τα έχεις, τότε καλή επιτυχία.

Request για lock.

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