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hellbound L2 Champion x20 15.09.12


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L2 Champion will have this fix at official start on 15.09.12



(We have good host company and good ddos protection company no one have to worry about wasting time we are here for stay)


Staff In Game Work For Answer to people petition:

AdminParadox every day since 20:00 to 24:00 (or aviable on skype almost all day)

GmMarley 1 hour for day

DevBramas Aviable all day on skype




* XP 20X

* Party XP 2X

* SP 20X

* Party SP 2X

* Drop Items 15X

* Drop Adena 15X

* Drop Spoil 15X

* Quest Reward 6X

* Quest Reward XP 6X

* Quest Reward Adena 2X

* Raid Boss Drop 4X

* Epic Jewels: 1 (when raid boss like antharas and valakas will dead will spawn on server a npc with nice buff)






* Auto Loot

* Most damage drop criteria

* Auto Learn Skill (Divine Ispiration too)

* Usefull Npc all in giran



* Safe Enchant: +4

* Max Enchant: Retail

* Normal Scroll Rate: 65%

* Blessed Scroll Rate: 65%

* Element Stone Rate: 50%

* Element Crystal Rate: 33%


* Max Buff 28+4

* Max Dance : 18

* Triggered buffs don't overbuff (10 slot for triggered buffs)


* Max Subclass: 3

* Max Subclass Level: 85

* Subclass without quest

* Weight Limit: 5X




* Epic boss Freya, simple and reinforced, as well as a chain of 6 quests for this boss.

* Epic Boss Zaken is fully consistent with the server off (night, day and highest Zaken)

* Fully implemented Hellbound (Hellbound) as well as Beleth + AI

* Epic Quest 7 Signs

* Item Mall.

* Territory Wars.

* Subclass Sertification.

* Unique AI for the main bosses.

* Proper system Olympiad High Five.

* Works correctly transformation and flying transformation

* Air route and clan ships.

* Correct the siege of the forts and castles.

* Dungeons forts and castles.

* All three Paylaka.

* Kamaloka, solo Kamaloka, maze Kamaloka.

* System attributes Retail High Five.

* The system of paired social action.

* System Recommendations Retail High Five.

* The system of the type of the party without a rebuild.

* All new stuff Retail High Five.

* Summon and dice now use Spirit Ore.

* Buffs host passed summon.

* Parameters attributes summons Retail High Five.

* All new quests Retail High Five.

* All of the old quests are changed according to the High Five.

*The mechanism is identical to the calculation of drop off. server.

* System blessing Nevit Retail High Five.

* All new skills Retail High Five.

*Support language En / Ru

*Nexus Event Engine

*Lakfi-Lakfi Pig



Community and Service:



* Gm Shop (Up to A grade)

* Global Teleport,

* Purchase professions 1,2,3

* Buffer + Saving player profile and pet

* Statistics - Top 20 PC, Top 20 PvP Top 20 PC Cafe, Epic Boss Spawn Manager, Top Heroes, Top Castel




* Reward System when server will get 50 votes in hopzone or topzone all server will be rewarded

* Offline Mode (when you go in offline your nick change color) Removed invul from offline shop for avoid exploit

* Newbie start pack (all new player will get NG equip for better start and 50k)

* Deleveler

* Npc Server Info

* Change Name Npc

*Nexus event engine




L2 Champion use l2 pack by



WEBSITE: http://www.l2champion.org/

Forum: http://l2champion.org/forum/index.php

Grand Opening: 15.09.12 16:00 GMT +2

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make buffs 24+4 and song/dances 12


32 buffs and 18 S/D are too much for mid-rate server.

We was thinking about that but there are too many player like to get over buff and don't give a shit

maybe we will change it

i hope to see you in Grand Opening ;D

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We was thinking about that but there are too many player like to get over buff and don't give a shit

maybe we will change it

i hope to see you in Grand Opening ;D

32/18 is just too much for mid server u should make it 24/28 buffs & 12 d/s, there is no point to get every single buff so u'll be able to PvE PvP.

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32/18 is just too much for mid server u should make it 24/28 buffs & 12 d/s, there is no point to get every single buff so u'll be able to PvE PvP.

We will make a poll on the forum when i make it live  ;)

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