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Lineage2Apex - x45 - PvP - GRAND OPENING - 8/25/2012


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Some, we just opened so we are looking for people to bring their friends etc.


We have 2 medium sized clans who joined to start, plus our core testers


As I said before, the more people you bring the better as you can get refferals for them..etc

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ahh i know i'd hear from you.. lol. What kind of person are you?

this is what you are complaining about?




you gotta love the lineage QQ


Always some kid being "pro".


Go play on another server. lol joins server for nothing more than flame and QQ.

You are entitled to your opinion, but seriously, are you five?


L2net dev...lol

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100% Dedicated Machine.

Bot Protection Enabled. Some bot clients may be able to connect, but forget about farming ;)


Either way this is a PvP server and not a spam pots server so bots = irrelevant.

Either way, custom bot deterrent is enabled but on L2Apex you farm in the end-game with PvP.


·        AMD Opteron 3280 – 8 Cores

·        16 GB DDR3-RAM – PC1600

·        2x 2,000 GB SATA II HDD RAID

·        Dedicated 1GBit Up/Down

·        10-100ms - US/Europe


once we hit 500 users though we'll be migrating to a better box through. Good enough for a start.


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Why do u post it on l2 section and not on star wars section? :o

Maybe it's that, there's no star wars section :/

Good luck with that stupid,idiotic, foolish, crappie thingie.


Speak english? what are you talking about.

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