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*Tutorial* Crack MD5 Hash's

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So, i have noticed and i bet all of us Did..

The Request section is full of Thread's Like :


lease Crack This MD5 Hash
Crack any HASH
Please help me Crack Hash's
Need Hash cracked


ist Goes on and On..


So, I wanted to make this simple tut (Believe it is pain in the ass) to Make it with picture's..

But i dont want to see comment Like :


Please how do i open it
how do i know where the file location
How do i extract it..



So, yeah i guess i am writing it Now..

This tutorial's Contain's 3 Method's to crack MD5 Hash's..


Method's :

-Brute-Force Attack's

-Dictionary Attack's

-Online Attack's


Now Let me Give credit's before starting :


For the Online and Dictionary attack's :


TwinBlade (ME) and DeadDisk a friend from another Forum..


Brute-Force's Attack :






i will be starting with Online Attack's..


Detail's :



Name : cracker.py

Coded By : TwinBlade / DeadDisk

Coded In : Python

Released : 05-27-2012

Program's Needed to Run it : Python


Now Let's start By :


-How to use it ..


Step's :


-Download the File

-Run it

Choose an Option

Enter Hash and Crack



Step 1 :


Download it (Link at the end)

and send it to desktop ..


Step 2 : Open the File :




Step 3 : Extract the content's to Desktop :


There is 2 File's :



racker.py is for online and dictionary attack :

MD5 Cracker.exe is for Brute-force Attack :

Make sure you Have Python so u can open this File..

Download Python at :




and when you are done, Make sure you have it :


Step 4 :Running it :


Open Up CMD (dont tell me You dont Know it !) :


and Type :






cd Desktop



Because i placed it at desktop ..


And then the file Name :





IT wont run if you dont have Python installed !


Step 5 : Cracking :


Now, for the Option online ..

Type in :


cracker.py --online YOUR-MD5-HASH-HERE






Press enter when you are Done it will show you if it have been cracked or not..

and Feel free to edit it in Python and add me More site..


Dictionary attack :


wont waste time writing this Part.. If the online attack didnt work.,.

do the same step's except step 5..


For dictionary attack :


cracker.py --offline HASH-HERE /File/location/


replace the /File/Location with you world list Location..


Nothing else to do, it's simple..


Brute-Force attack :


Now, for brute-forcing..

It's a simple program, Does it fast without Lag..


Detail's :


Name : Md5 Cracker.exe

Coded By : _InFiNiTy_

Coded In : i dont Know..

Released : 24 March 2011

Program's Needed to Run it : Nothing (Just a Computer)


Now Let's start..

The download Link for both program's will be at the end..



Step's :



-place the MD5 Cracker.exe at Your desktop..

-Run it Normally/admin ..

-Put the Hash

-Press enter wait for it to to be cracked..


When You run it , it should Look like this :




i Made a MD5 Hash at :




the MD5 Hash is : abc




Open the program Place the hash Press enter and wait for it to be Cracked..

when it's done.. It should look like this :




Download Link (Mediafire) :




Virus scan's (For both program's) :







i wrote this tutorial and it wait pain in the ass to make it with picture's..

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