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Problems after server crash, reinstall



Yesterday my PC got hacked, i had no chance to destroy the virus so i made backup of server and characters table on CD and reinstalles Windows XP.


So here Problems begin:

I installed MySQL and when i try to set root password it does not work so i disabled Security and installed here it worked. Then i installed Navicat, created db L2emu_db. When i tried to install backup i get an error, so i tried to install normal db, here "access denied". (maybe because i setted no password)


So i tried to reinstall and make a password. From here i cant get into the db with Navicat, and MySQL names are mostly used in the config (MySQL4, MySQL41, MySQL5 and so on), and i remember that we cant full uninstall Navicat and MySQL ( db still exist after reinstall)


Can anyone help me?


I use L2_Emu btw and MySQL Server 5.1. it would be enough for me when the server even starts and runs at the normal way.

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i made "dump in sql file"


But thats not the problem, the prob is that i cant even reach the db, its okay for me when there is a wipe and new db, but the prob is that it does not work.

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Unistall Navicat and Mysql...

2nd-->Do a RR on your computer...

3rd-->delete the mysql folder and premiuumSoft(navicat)folder from program Files...

4th-->Install again the programs...

5th-->Continue your work...

I hope it will help...  :D

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