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The MaxCheaters Hall of Fame || Event Winners.


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In here we'll be posting the results and winner of the competitions that take place in the forum.
So let's get it straight and start.


S.O.T.M. #1 : Black 'n' White - June 2012
1st Winner: SoFaKi
2nd Winner: MixMasteR
3rd Winner: FinaGod

S.O.T.M. #2 : Superheroes - July 2012
1st Winner: xDamian
2nd Winner: Voqus
3rd Winner: FinalGod & SoFaKi

S.O.T.M. #3 : Freestyle - August 2012
1st Winner: Observer
2nd Winner: Blane
3rd Winner: FinalGod

S.O.T.M. #4 : Christmas - December 2012
1st Winner: xDamian
2nd Winner: FinalGod
3rd Winner: Observer

S.O.T.M. #5 : Gaming -  May 2013
1st Winner: Voqus
2nd Winner: ICEwave
3rd Winner: Universe

S.O.T.M. #6 : Famous Person -  June 2013    Cancelled

S.O.T.M. #7 : Anime -  May 2013
1st Winner: Zardanico
2nd Winner: vad
3rd Winner: xDamian

S.O.T.M. #8 : Christmas Edition -  December 2014    Cancelled

*Please not that the topic is functioning only as a showcase and it is not meant to be spammed and so on. So it remains stickied and locked. Edited by xDamian
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